Tuesday, 5 August 2014

XTC - The John Peel Sessions June 1977

This John Peel session demonstrates how brilliant XTC were. They mixed a quirky power pop sound with punk churning out some perfect songs.

Four tracks which all the studio recordings can be found on their debut album "White Music". I have used the cover of this album, just to give the posting a bit of colour.

Starting with 'Radio's In Motion', you can hear the old fashioned radio being tuned in (never to be heard again once digital takes over). Brilliant tune, brilliant lyrics "All the kids are complaining there is nowhere to go, All the kids are complaining that the songs are too slow". Second is the outstanding "Science Friction" (see earlier posting of the single for more on this one). Next up "She's So Square", I love that little tune at the beginning and then into the song with classic XTC style, blending pop and punk perfectly. The last track "Crosswires" is the weakest for me, but still excellent, which shows how good they were.

So which one do you prefer?, leave a comment and let ASFM know.

I apologise for the recording not being great but this was made of a not too smart tape recorder, on a low end tape, from a dodgy FM receiver, but hey it still catches the spirit of XTC (if anyone has got a better recording, please leave a comment).

Band: XTC
Label: John Peel Radio 1 Show
Year: 1977
1. Radio's In Motion
2. Science Friction
3. She's So Square
4. Crosswires

Ripped from not so glorious hissing tape:

If you like this then get their debut album:
White Music
White Music


Fruitier Than Thou said...

Thanks Gary... Its funny that the old FM hiss & clicks make some of these recordings. I've just been listening to an old PEEL tape where he started a show with BASEMENT 5's "paranoia claustrophobia dub" & the background noise justs takes me straight back there...

garychching said...

Hi Dave, I know exactly what you mean, I shouldn't apologize really (I don;t for the scratched vinyl. Perhaps I should call it glorious hissing tape.