Tuesday, 5 August 2014

A.D. 1984 - Race To Nowhere

The final single from the excellent A.D. 1984. It's a shame no one has collected their works, all of their singles are excellent. You can again here strains of the Stranglers in their songs, but in my opinion they are still different in their own right.

"Race to nowhere" is the stand out track but the b-side "Leisure Crimes" is also good (although it is much more commercial.

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I haven't got the picture cover for this one apart from this tiny image, so if anyone can send me a better scan it would be much appreciated.

Band: A.D. 1984
Label: Grand Prix
Year: 1980
1. Race To Nowhere
2. Leisure Crimes

Ripped from glorious scratched vinyl:

If you like this , then check out their other postings on ASFM, I don't think they have released anything else, but hopefully 45 Revs or Worthless Trash will prove me wrong, as I would love to find more from this band,


Anonymous said...

Aaargh! You've switched to Media fire! Damn thing never works!

Anonymous said...

Mediafire works just fine. No waiting and stuff. Perfect.
Robert - Stockholm

James D said...

I've seen these to singles listed, though never actually seen copies...

Time Through Everybody's Eyes / ? (Grand Prix GP-012, 1983)
1984 / Mushroom Music (Grand Prix GP-014, 1983)

Anonymous said...


Today I found your blog. It´s fantastic. I´m searching for bands that I taped 30 years ago from the John Peel Show.
Unfortunately I wrote down only the songtitles and forget the bandnames.
But on your blog I discovered The Models, The Skid, The Unwanted and so on.
My search is not finished. I hope your blog can help me in the future.


garychching said...

Thanks for that James, I now need to put out a request to see if anyone has them

garychching said...

Anon I switched to MediaFire as sharebee wasn't working, and divshare limited how much could be downloaded each month.

What do most people prefer?

Thanks for your support Robert

garychching said...

Hi Thomas, thanks for you comment, and I'm glad to help you in your quest identifying the bands names to match the songs.

If you leave a comment with some of the songs you can't crack, I am sure some of my very music savvy friends would be glad to help solve.

We all like to be the first to answer :-)