Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Bitch - Big City

I've never heard of 'Bitch' or this single 'Big City' which surprised me as its a real little punk gem recorded on Hurricane in 1979, that about all I know of this one. So if anyone knows anymore (have they released anything else? who was in the band? where were they from, etc.), please leave some comments.

This is another donation by Bruno from Brazil, and I know its difficult to complain when someone makes a donation but I warn you now this is a really bad rip (so if anyones got a good rip can they send us a copy - both sides please). even t,hough the quality is not good you can still hear how good it is. The b-sides 'Wild Kids' ain't bad either, but the a-side is the stand out track.

Band: Bitch
Label: Hurricane
Year: 1979
1. Big City
2. Wild Kids

Ripped from glorious scratched vinyl:

Don't know if there is anymore by Bitch, if there is please again leave another comment.


45 Revolutions said...

The book is a fairly good reference for 76-79 stuff. About Bitch, it says:
A melody-Punk band formed in 1978 by peroxide
girl vocalist Sharon šCharlie’ Green (v) along
with Gus Gangrene aka Gary Callender (gtr, ex-
Drones), Glen Jones (gtr), Gaby Gawin aka G.P.T.
Gowen (b) and Martin Smith (d), Bitch were
originally active on Manchester’s live scene. Later
in the year – following the exit of Callender, Jones
and Smith who all joined Skrewdriver (see listing)
– Green and Gowen relocated to London
where they began playing live with a re-vamped
line-up also comprising Spike Standen (gtr) and
Keith Harroway (d), although Gavin Douglas
(aka Fritz/Blondie Douglas, gtr) was also briefly
in the group before joining The Nips (see listing).
A contract with Beggars Banquet was announced
by the press in early March 1979, but
was in fact aborted at the last minute. Having
signed a deal with Hurricane Records in April,
Bitch entered Rock City Studios, Shepperton, and
recorded these two enjoyable tracks (clearly
influenced by X-Ray Spex), released as a single on
June 29. Unsatisfactory sales and Charlie Green’s
departure (to join The Secrets, a short-lived act
founded by her boyfriend, former Skids drummer
Tom Kellichan) forced the band to call it a
day before the end of 1979. Note: two different
outfits of the same name released singles in the
UK between 1975 and 1981: 1) a rock group
whose lone vinyl venture was an EP issued in
1975 on Bitch Records; 2) a Swiss combo whose
lone 7” emerged on the Rutland label in 1981.

garychching said...

Thanks Steve, I've got the book on my birthday list this year, so then I will appear as knowledgeable as you :-)

Clint Iguana said...

mmmm any mention of skrewdriver makes me twitch

garychching said...

Hey Clint, your up early. The drink or the band?

Anonymous said...

Charlie moved to Sweden in late -79 and cut a single with swedish band Chatterbox - Forgotten Heroes. A great 7"

garychching said...

Thanks for the comment anon, has anyone got a copy of 'Forgotten Heroes'?

Some other Anon said...

I have it on vinyl, but here it is courtesy of Killed By Death Records:
Their second single "The End" is quite good too. Haven't heard the LP they made, Europop.

garychching said...

Hi some other anon, thanks for the link, I should have thought of checking over at KBD, they often have the rare stuff if your looking for it.