Tuesday, 5 August 2014

The Dials - All I Here

The Dials were a local band from Sunbury (Middlesex). I'm not sure how well they are known (there is no mention on punk77).

They did have some association with the Members and this record was produced by Nicky Tesco from the Members.

This was their first and I think only recording, again if anyone has anything else, I would be interested.

All I Hear is great, fast and loud with lots of saxophone which apart from X-Ray Spex was rare for punk bands. The b-side in my opinion is too long and nothing special, See what you think

Band: The Dials
Label: Scene Records
Year: 1979
1. All I Hear
2 Running

So ripped from glorious scratched vinyl, the Dials


Anonymous said...

Great site! Neon Heearts are a great band if you like old-school with some sax in it! Ed anotherstateofmindphoto.co.uk

garychching said...

Thanks for the comment Anon, I know of the Neon Hearts, but have never heard of them. I will give the link a go.

All the best Gary