Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Leyton Buzzards - 19 and Mad

The 'Leyton Buzzards' excellent debut on the equally excellent 'Small Wonder' record label (how did one label manage to pick so many brilliant songs?). The a-side '19 and mad' in my opinion is a 24 carat punk song, I love it. The b-sides has two tracks 'Youthanasia' and 'Villain', which you can actually hear signs that the 'Leyton Buzzards' were a bit more than a DIY punk band.

When you compare this with the equally brilliant 'Saturday Night Beneath The Plastic Palm Trees' it's hard to believe it's the same band.

So which one is your favourite? The debut or the second single? Leave a comment.

As usual lyrics in the link, so you can sing along.

a couple of etchings, on one side "Buzzzards Oy Oy Oy" on the other side "Speed 45 (the 45 is scribbled out) Yes "

Band: Leyton Buzzards
Label: Small Wonder
Year: 1978
1. 19 and Mad
2. Villain
3. Youthanasia

Ripped from glorious scratched vinyl:

If you like this then buy this, all the singles (apart from one) and some of the b-sides plus a few extra tracks, bargain.
The Punk Collection
The Punk Collection

Also if you like the stuff on Small Wonder then get this, you will love it:
Small Wonder Punk Singles Collection Vol.1
Small Wonder Punk Singles Collection Vol.1


jeff said...

Thanks for all the great posts! Any chance you have "murder the disturbed"?. I think it was on small wonder but I'm not sure. Hafta pick the first Leyton's 45 too.

Anonymous said...

Although it was kind of their ‘commercial’ single, I always preferred Saturday Night…
Liked it’s descriptive nature, and the b side Through With You was worthy of something by The Ruts.

Anonymous said...

Classic stuff. Thanks yet again Gary.


garychching said...

Hi Jeff, I have got a compilation CD with Walking Corpses (which is excellent) is this the one you are looking for? If it is, I will post it for you.

I haven't got a vinyl rip which I would like also the b-side which I would like to hear. I think it's time for a request.

garychching said...

Hi Anon, I am torn between 19 and Mad and the Palm Trees it just depends what mood I'm in I guess.

garychching said...

Hi Longy, thanks for the comment again, Its nice to know there are people out there sometimes.

Anonymous said...

This was a great surprise. Missed this band in the 70s.
The mention of the Ruts gave me the hint to give it a fair chance.
Robert - Stockholm

garychching said...

Hi Robert, I will always listen to a song once. But this one will keep you coming back.

Greg said...

Glad I found this post...I really like 19 & Mad. I actually work with Kevin, the drummer, and have been looking for some of this stuff. Cheers, Greg.

garychching said...

Hi Greg, glad to help. Does Kevin not have all off their stuff?

neil said...


Always loved the buzzrads - shame they turned into Modern Romance, but hey

Have now ordered from amazon (who says these blogs are killing music)

Some top tunes on the rest of your site - have you anything by the Starjets

garychching said...

Hi Neil thanks for the comment. I know a lot of people have purchased stuff via blogs, I'd love to know the actual facts, but its rare t hear when people do, so thanks again.

I have a Starjets single (10 Years Cambridge edition 7" which has 10 Years and One More Word (not sure where I picked it up from) and also I have the Starjets best of: God Bless The Starjets.