Tuesday, 5 August 2014

White Boy - Never Mind 7"

Well Bruce Rhodes has finally completed his "White Boy" collection and (yet again) has kindly shared their third single, so we can all get to hear the full range of all five singles (all available here thanks to Bruce).

What I like about White Boy is you never know what your going to get, their music ranges from absurd to great. This one is a more of a return to their rock sound from their first single but more heavy than anything else they have released. Bruce rates the a-side "Never Mind" and surprisingly so do I (I'm not normally so keen on the more heavy sound).

So now you have them all, what do you think? Which White Boy song do you like best? Leave a comment and don't forget to say thanks to Bruce for sharing this.

Band: White Boy
Label: Doodley Squat Records
Year: 1978
1. Never Mind
2. Heavens Of Hell

Ripped from Bruce's glorious scratched vinyl


Longy said...

Cheers again Gary and Bruce. Stars,the pair of you.

garychching said...

Cheers Longy.

I see we've given you another chance today.

Mr Phreek said...

Wow! I think this is my favorite White Boy release out of all of them! And the cover is really creepy, especially considering the sordid history... Thanks to both of you!

garychching said...

Thanks Mr Phreek, it is a good one.