Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Ruts DC - Live 1981: Edingburgh Nite Club

Another classic from Philippe, this time a live bootleg from "Ruts DC", with 9 tracks coming from their debut album "Animal Down" some original "Ruts" songs, unfortunately a couple of them have been clipped in the recording but apart from that a pretty good recording.

I always had a soft spot for the Ruts and used to know Malcolm (well everyone who went to the Nashville did) and after the sad loss "Ruts DC" kept going and turned out some decent stuff.

Still struggling for time, so I'll leave it you you to check them out, and leave a comment to say what you think (and as usual leave a thanks to Phillipe for sharing this gem).

Philippe ripped these at 320, so it comes in two parts. Enjoy.

Band: Ruts DC
Year: 1981
Album: Live At Edinburgh Nite Club
1. Different View
2. Demolition Dancing
3. Dangerous Minds
4. It Was Cold
5. Love In Vain
6. Mirror Smashed
7. Formula Eyes
8. Despondency
9. Fools
10. West One (Clipped End)
11. Parasites (Clipped Begin)
12. Staring At The Rude Boys (Clipped End - a lot)
13. No Time To Kill (Clipped Begin)
14. S.U.S
15 Jah War
16. Different Now
17. Society

Ripped from Philippe's glorious hissing tape

If you like Ruts DC, I'm afraid their debut album is no longer commercially available but you can find a copy at the always excellent Mondo De Muebles here, and you can get some more odds and sods over at the always great Nuzz Prowling Wolf here.

and while your checking them out, why don't you treat yourself to some classic "Ruts" for only£3.99 here:
The Crack/Grin and Bear It
and all their singles for only £4.98, bargin:

The Best of the Ruts by Ruts


Longy said...

Excellent upload so well done to both of you for bringing this one to us. Cheers Gary and Philippe. There can NEVER be enough stuff like this.

garychching said...

Cheers Longy your not wrong there

The Wolfmen said...

I saw them supporting The Damned at The Lyceum summer 81 - great set

garychching said...

Hey Wolfman, lucky guy i wish I'd seen them.

pjn said...

thanks for this
been searching for a full ruts dc gig for ages

garychching said...

Glad to help pjn, if it wasn't for Philippe, none of us would of heard it.