Tuesday, 5 August 2014

The Touques - The Touques EP

I was recently contacted by "The Touques" (pronounced the Two-ks) and asked whether I would listen to their new EP.

Guess what? I did and I love it, its been playing non-stop since I got it.

The Touques are from Reno, Nevada, they've been around since 2005 and you can find more about them here and at their myspace site (where you can try these songs out, before downloading).

The first track "4" is the best of the pick and the one that has been buzzing around my head ever since I heard it. There's a blend of post-punk, surf and pop that delivers a dark sound surrounded with guitar riffs, excellent harmonies, hand clapping, well everything actually.

"Roy Stampler" follows with a catchy guitar riff, and then just as you start to tap your feet to it, it changes into a ripping post-punk sound, and it just keeps changing, you gotta love this.

Third up is "White Elephant" a stange instrumental, with an excellent surf riff throughout

Two more tracks "HRPM" and "Goodbye Monsieur" with that now familiar "Touques" sound, but enough of me rambling on, go on to their mysapce site, try them out and if you like them then you can download all five tracks here.

If you like the Touques you can also buy thier earlier material at the same link above.

So what do you think of the Touques?, leave a comment and let everyone know.


Longy said...

I like the first track. I couldn't play any of the other four all the way through to be honest. I'm not saying its crap,just not my cup of tea. Sorry!



Thanks for the heads-up about the Touques. I kinda agree with Longy, the song 4 is good...but they're gonna be playing in my neck of the woods (Sacramento,CA) several times in the near future, so I'm gonna go check'em out live. I'll tell'em I heard about them here from you.

garychching said...

Thanks Longy and Nathan. 4 was my instant fave, and found the others grew on me as I played them.

Would be intrested in what their like live, let us know Nathan.



will do.
They're scheduled for Oct. 24 in Chico, don't know if I'll make that one or not, but three shows here in Sac. Nov. 20, Dec. 11, Dec. 13...venues as yet TBA.