Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Pixies - Doolittle Demos Remastered

On Friday night I saw the Pixies on their 20th anniversary of their classic Doolittle album at the Brixton Academy. For me the Pixies are still one of the greatest bands of all time. Their music (especially their first three albums) is clearly genre breaking, and to date there's still nothing quite like it. With Frank Blacks manic screaming, Kim Deals harmonies and thumping bass lines, Joey Santiagos incredible guitar riffs , and the power and precision of David Loverings drumming, they produce a unique and perfect sound.

Starting off with the b-sides of the singles released from Doolittle, and then the full album, they were all there, Debaser, Gouge Away, Monkeys, Gone to Heaven, Hey, Crackity Jones, and I could go on and list every track, as everything they have released is better than most bands have ever managed.

The other thing I really like about the Pixies is their all about their music. They don't try and look cool, they give the fans exactly what they want (unlike many other bands). You can see they enjoy themselves, and you can also see the care they take in their shows, the backdrops and videos all perfectly matched the mood of each song. Two encores as well. What more can you ask for?

I guess you can tell how much I love this band, and I recommend if you ever get a chance to go and see them, take it, I'll be there.

So a ridiculously impossible question, what is the best Pixies song ever?

Band: Pixies
Label: Bootleg
Year: 1989
1. Tame
2. Debaser
3. I Bleed
4. Wave Of Mutilation
5. Crackity Jones
6. Baileys Walk
7. Mr Grieves
8. Dead
9. Gouge Away
10. Manta Ray
11. Santo
12. No. 13 Baby
13. La La Love You
14. There Goes My Gun
15. Silver
16. Monkeys Gone To Heaven

Ripped from a bootleg CD

I am sure most of you must have their albums (if you haven't then then I'm jealous, thinking of the incredible experience you will have listening to this material) and as they are still available at bargain prices I have posted the Doolittle Demos Remastered, so if you like this definitely go and buy these:

Their first two albums for £4:98
Surfer Rosa & Come on Pilgrim

The classic Doolittle also £4:98

and well you gotta get their fourth album, what only £4:98?
and why not their final album, guess what? £4:98
Trompe le Monde


Anonymous said...

That's an incredibly hard question!

I have a hard time thinking of any fillers on these albums, they're all classics.

And how about that artwork? It's some of graphic designer Vaughn Olivers fines work imo.

Longy said...

Love em Gary and that is one of the hardest questions a person could answer!

Today its Debaser!

Cheers for this one mate.

jeffen said...

"Monkey Gone to Heaven" is pretty consistently my fave.

garychching said...

Thanks Timkl, your notice I didn't make a suggestion as I also had a hard time picking one. Your right all the ocvers on their first three albums are classics.

Cheers Longy, I like you answer... today its debaser, I agree I could pick a different track everyday, and Debaser is such a gem of a track.

Jeffen I also can't argue, Monkey gone to heaven is always there.

GraemeSTL said...

My personal favourite is 'Palace Of The Brine' which merges into 'Letter From Memphis'. Bossanova was before Trompe Le Monde, by the way!

Anonymous said...

My fave was a b-side,Into the White...thanks for this,Roberto

garychching said...

Thanks GraemeSTL, I have a feeling everyones going to choose a different song, and why not. Thanks for the correction.... Doh!

One of my faves is still their cover of JMC's "Head On", being a big JMC fan I tihnk the Pixies made that song their own.

Cheers Roberto, you should of seen Into the White at the gig the smoke machines covered them and all you could see were shadows of the bamd, excellent.

Anonymous said...


englishfog said...

All their songs are great but Debaser is top notch! btw, I posted an acoustic concert If anyone interested go: crawlingmantra.blogspot


Rob said...

Debaser made my jaw hit the floor when I first heard it, so for me it just clinches it. But did the Pixies ever make a duff track?

englishfog said...

You're welcome gary. Glad you like it! If you want the video too, just tell me here to up it and send you a private link (an email).

Added your nice blog too!


Nazz Nomad said...

Tony's Theme.

garychching said...

Thanks anon, yep, its offical Pixies are a great band :-)

Hi Rob, I know what you mean, that feeling when first heard debaser, what a track. I don't think the Pixies did do a bad track and thats why its so hard to pick one. But it looks like Debaser is the fave so far.

Thanks English Frog, I am V happy with the soundtrack, thanks, and thanks for adding ASFM.

Hey Nazz, a lesser known but classic track.

Rupert Cook said...

Late to the party. I remember seeing them supporting Throwing Muses at the Mean Fiddler about twenty years ago (where does the time go?, as Sandy Denny once mused). One of the best gigs ever especially as I had a thing for Kristin Hersh back then!

Favourite LP is their first. I'd say I'd pick Nimrod's Son or I've Been Tired as my personal favourites. It's always about the lyrics with me and those two are suitably bizarre. Holiday Song is brilliant too.......

garychching said...

Hi Rupert, never too late for the Pixies party. I'm with you on best album and also Nimrods Son is a killer track - "you are the sone of a mother......" Magic.

Longy said...

And today its Alec Eiffel! I'm enjoying all of Trompe Le Monde day today. Very underated album.

garychching said...

and today it's still Head On. Hi Longy your 100% correct, it is underated and I don't know why. Is it because of how brillaint Dollitle is?

Troy in Halifax, NS said...

Thanks for posting this, great blog!

My favourite Pixies song has always been "Isla De Encanta" because it seemed to me like the perfect soundtrack to Jaime Hernandez's "Locas" comix (Love and Rockets)... Both were high school obsessions for me, and years later I still enjoy them.

garychching said...

Hi Troy great track and great comic. Both timeless. Thanks for the comment.