Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Ultravox! - Live In Stockholm 19-10-77

I've previously posted how much I loved the original Ultravox!, I was never a fan of the second band without the ! and John Foxx. Now the Midge Ure incarnation has reformed I thought it was time to remind everyone how much better the original Ultravox! were.

This rough but listenable (track one is the worst but it gets better) bootleg has all of the old favourites, and includes tracks from their first same titled album and some from Ha! Ha! Ha!. It still makes me smile hearing the crowd start clapping when they think ROwrok has finished, and then it starts again (the great thing is they do it again when ROwrok is played in the encore).
If you saw the original Ultravox! it will help you to revive those memories and if you weren't lucky enough then listen to what you missed.

Band: Ultravox!
Label: It's a Bootleg
Year 1977
Album: Live In Stockholm 19-10-77
1. I Want To Be A Machine
2. ROckwrok
3. Slipaway
4. The Frozen Ones
5. A Distant Smile
6. Young Savage
7. My Sex
8. The Man Who Dies Everyday
9. Artificial Life
10. Wide Boys
11. Saturday Night In The City Of The Dead
12. The Wild, The Beautiful, And The Damned
13. ROckwrok
14. Fear In The Western World

Ripped from glorious scratched vinyl onto glorious hissing tape onto mp3 (see comment).

If you like this then buy all three of these excellent albums now:
Systems Of Romance


garychching said...


You know what to do

Longy said...

Cheers for this Gary. Good man!

topper said...

thank you for the glorydays of ultravox

Capa Nostra said...

Yes, great bootleg!
Thanks so much for all this music.

arstider said...


Remember hearing this on the radio, if I remember right they played at Göta Lejon here in Stockholm.

Best wishes from Sweden

Anonymous said...

I was just about to ask about the venue.
Göta Lejon? That sounds a bit big?
Robert, Stockholm.

garychching said...

Thank Longy. Topper, Capa Nostra, Arstider and Robert for all taking the time to comment, and I'm glad you enjoyed it, this ones been sitting in a box of tapes for a long time now, it was good to dust it down and hear it again.

arstider said...

Hello again

Did check my "old" tapelist and the show is from Radiohuset, show made for the radio only, almost no audience. (Saw the show with Sham 69 when they did a show for the swedish radio). Think that they did a "normal" show as well and that one was at Göta Lejon. Also the date is from the date of the broadcast, the show was recorded in september.

Best wishes from Sweden

garychching said...

Hi arstider thanks for the extra info, do you have a taped copy and if so is it better quality than this one?

arstider said...


I do have a tapecopy but on Reel. Not sure if that one still works.... Also not sure it's in better quality......

Best wishes from Sweden

Novemberer said...

Brilliant, thanks...

garychching said...

Hi Arstider, Reel to reel, now we're going back

Glad to help Novemberer, thanks for leaving a comment

Anonymous said...

Ultravox spelade live 19 okt 1977 i studio 4 i radiohuset Stockholm . Detta sändes ut i radioprogrammet "Tonkraft" samma datum. Radiosändningen i sin helhet innehöll 14 låtar- Bandet spelar två versioner av rockwrok. DEn rödvinyl bootleg som finns ute har dock bara den ena versionen av rockwrock dvs 13 låtar. Det finns också en cd bootleg ute med samma 13 låtar utkommen 1991 under namnet Dangerous rythm.

Anonymous said...

Ultravox played live October 19, 1977 in Studio 4 of the Radio House Stockholm. This was sent out into the radio program "Tonkraft" same date. The radio broadcast as a whole contained 14 songs, The band played Two versions of rockwrok. The redvinyl bootleg release have only one version of rockwrock 13 tracks. There is also a bootleg CD out with the same 13 songs in 1991 under the name Dangerous rhythm.

Fredric said...

I was there :-)