Tuesday, 5 August 2014

The Avengers - American In Me 12" EP Repost

Reposted due to a minor omission, one track missing and its a real gem as well, Uh Oh!! now included.

Yet another classic from the Bruce Rhodes collection. This is the second EP from 'The Avengers' produced by Steve Jones whom they met when they supported the Sex Pistols in Winterland. I love 'American In Me' (is it me or can I hear a little of Green Days, American idiot - surely they wouldn't of copied).

The Avengers are still playing and you can follow them and some of their music at their myspace site here http://www.myspace.com/avengers and if you want to know more about them then check out here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Avengers_(band) as well.

I sometimes wonder whether they were happy with the choice of their band name, do a Google and you get a famous (classic) UK TV program and a famous American comic both with the same name and you have to trawl a fair way down before finding this excellent band.

Band: The Avengers
Label: White Noise
Year: 1979
1. American In Me
2. Uh Oh!!
3. Corpus Christi
4. White Nigger

Ripped from Bruce's glorious scratched vinyl

If you like this then you can still track down a few collections of singles and sessions (some of them on their myspace site). You can still get this one through Amazon, but its not cheap
The American in Me


Longy said...

Excellent,cheers Gary and Bruce

Longy said...

when you put the link in lol

Longy said...

Cheers Gary,I knew you'd get there eventually : - )

Bruce R. said...

Hi Guys,

Sorry, but I got my RAR's mixed up and missed out one song!! (Uh Oh!!! which should be on side A track 2).

I'll send the missing song to Gary pronto, and evertything should be hunky dory by later on today.

fred said...

Not to go all record geek on ya 'en all, but how come pics of this record jacket are always yellow, but mine is blue?

garychching said...

Hi Fred, I havent got a clue, prehaps you have a ultra rare copy. Burce you any idea?

Bruce R said...

Hi Fred n' Gary.
I've no idea regarding the Blue sleeve.
It's not a Canadian pressing maybe? I bought my copy at the time, and I'm sure this is the original item.
Is it on White Noise? Perhaps a promo or second pressing?

fred said...

Yep, White Noise, possibly second pressing, but bought at the time. My brother's copy, which I traded off him ages ago. I remember when hardcore came along, everyone dumped their old punk records on the used record stores, and I saw a slew of the yellow sleeve versions, but almost never any of the blue. I think I have seen one other blue one.