Tuesday, 5 August 2014

John Cale - Animal Justice 12" EP

John Cales excellent 3 track EP from 1977 was notable for the b-side and epic 8 minute plus 'Hedda Gabler' (not personally my favourite). My favourite of the three is 'Chicken Shit' which he wrote to mock his drummers decision to walk of stage during a live performance when 'Cale' chopped off a dead chickens head with a meat cleaver. Final track is an excellent cover of 'Chuck Berry's' famous track 'Memphis'.

John Cales discography is vast and diverse covering many different genres, this posting and other releases in the late 70's were readily accepted by many from the punk/new wave era and you can hear why. So while we're on the topic, if you like John Cale leave a comment saying whats your favourite album and why.

Artist: John Cale
Year: 1977
Label: Illegal Records
1. Chicken Shit
2. Memphis
3. Hedda Gabler

Ripped from someone else's (not sure where this came from now) glorious scratched vinyl

If you like this then there's lots to choose from, first recommendation is the excellent live album 'Sabotage' which the new release includes all three tracks from this post plus the excellent 'Rose Garden Funeral Of Sores' which was covered later on by Bauhaus (some sources claim this was on the Animal Justice EP' but I don't remember it being on my now long lost copy.
Sabotage: Live


Raul said...

Gary, You're the best. I really appreciate what you did. You have a friend for life.


Thanks Gary.
Somehow lost/misplaced this one, been wantin' it bad.

My choice - Guts.
Reason - Dirty Ass Rock 'n' Roll

garychching said...

Glad to help Raul. I'd forgotten bout this one so thank you for the reminder.

Cheers Nathan, I'd lost mine too, strange. Nice choice by the way, Guts is an excellent album

Darjeeling said...

Thanks for posting -- my copy is gloriously scratched, too.

My fave is either Slow Dazzle or the recent Black Acetate.


garychching said...

Hi Darjeeling, thanks for the comment, don't know those two I'll have to check them out.

Darjeeling said...

Gary, the tracks on Slow Dazzle (Island, 1975) are: (A) Mr Wilson, Taking It All Away, Dirtyass Rock 'n' Roll, Darling I Need You, Rollaroll; (B) Heartbreak Hotel, Ski Patrol, I'm Not the Loving Kind, Guts, The Jeweller. More info here, courtesy Wikipedia.

I think Slow Dazzle was the first Cale elpee I purchased (ah, college days). Found a used copy of Fear (Island, 1974) shortly after, but it vanished during a move many, many moons ago.... Black Acetate is, for my money, his best solo record since the late 1970s, buoyed by a couple of very tart relationship songs.

I've seen him play live only once, in the late 1980s, opening for the newly-reformed Pere Ubu in Philadelphia. He was a charming old crank then, too.


the sweet spot diviner said...

thanks great to see this again ... love your work !

garychching said...

Hi Darjeeling, thanks for the extra info I will defo look up these tracks.

Sweet spot diviner, thanks for the compliment much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

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Mr Phreek said...

Okay, I debated for a long time on whether to download this or not, but I'm glad I finally did. Good music.

Since you asked, I'd have to say my favorite John Cale stuff is "Church of Anthrax" with Terry Riley. I love that psychedelic hypnotic groove.

And while I'm at it, thanks for the White Boy posts.

garychching said...

Hi Mr Phreek thanks for taking the time to comment, much appreciated, and thanks for the John Cale recommendation another one I need to check out.

Glad you like White Boy, some of them are v good and some not so good.

garychching said...

Sorry Chuck only saw your name when I hit send. Doh!

Anonymous said...

thanks for using mediafire

garychching said...

hi anon, no problems seems to work for most people

Bruno Ysla Heredia said...

I can't choose only one: "Paris 1919" and the "Island years" albums have GREAT songs (the GREATEST) but "Vintage violence" and "Music for a new society" seems to me his more cohesive albums.


Anonymous said...

Rose Garden of Sores is the 'B' side of the single wersion edited of Mercenaries (Ready For War) which is great but not as great as the Sabotage version. I think this was Cale's best period in rock mode but like all music and artists it's all about the mood you're in at the time.

garychching said...

This post has had a fair few hits lately, has something happened?

Thanks for the commebt Bruno, its hard to choose and the followning anon comment is right, it depends what mood your in.

Anonymous said...

Far and away his best (to me) is Helen of Troy; mainly because that was the LP where I was introduced to him
as a solo artist. Later I interviewed him on college radio, where he tried to pick up my girlfriend (now my wife). His show that night was excellent(Old Waldorf, SF approx. 1980) but I thought, "what a dick!"

garychching said...

Thanks for the comment anon, great story. Helen of Troy is one of my favourite tracks, so I need to check out the LP.

Anonymous said...

just to say thanks and all that - a genius ep from back in the day. Shouldn't have sold it...

garychching said...

Thanks anon, I've sold plenty that I've regretted, but at least we can listen to them again.