Tuesday, 5 August 2014

The Jam - In Concert 20-02-1982

This gig was just before the release of their 6th and final album 'The Gift', which in my opinion was not their best but ironically charted the highest (I clearly have no taste) at number 1.

Some excellent tracks here, still playing 'Down In The Tube Station' (my personal Jam favourite) and a couple from 'Sound Effects'.

The warm up for this gig was the previous posting from 'Department S' and seamlessly join if you play them back to back.

Band: The Jam
Year: 1982
1. Intro
2. The Gift
3. Down In The Tube Station At Midnight
4. Ghosts
5. Tales Of The Riverbank
6. Precious
7. A Town Called Malice
8. In The Crowd
9. Circus
10. Pretty Green
11. Start
12. Boy About Town
13. Gary Crowley Outro

Ripped from glorious hissing FM radio

If you like this then, well I don't need to tell you that all their albums are excellent, but the two I would recommend are:

All Mod Cons
Setting Sons


Anonymous said...

Thank you very, very much.


garychching said...

No peoblem jb, I'm glad someone liked it

bobfarmer136 said...

Thanks Gary, looking forward to listening when its finished d/l

garychching said...

Hi bobfarmer thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. Enjoy.

Mark Edward Lee said...

Great, THANKS!

garychching said...

hi Mark, glad to help.