Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Department S - In Concert 20-02-1982

This is more of a warm up set for 'The Jam' (which will follow some time soon) than a full gig. Recorded from the Radio 1 In Concert program you get six full songs, but hey as long as you get 'Is Vic There?' who cares (and check it out you also get a secret bonus track).

Another homemade cover, I bet you couldn't tell.

Band: Department S
Year: 1982
1. Intro
2. Is Vic There?
3. Going Left Right
4. I want
5. Clap Now
6. Tell Me About It
7. Going Up
8. Outro
9. Secret bonus - Is Vic There? (Italian Version)

Ripped from glorious hissing FM radio

If you like this then get their originally unreleased album (Stiff refused to release it and I for one can't understand why) plus you now get their singles as well. Not bad eh!



Longy said...

Good man Gary, I knew you wouldn't let me down. Great upload!

garychching said...

Glad to help mate

Marky Dread said...

Sweet... I love Department S.

Anonymous said...

A good band.

Vaughan Toulouse (RIP) wrote a good article for the Face around 81about the Clash 16 Tons tour.


garychching said...

Thanks for the comment Marky Dread and Kes.

I think I still have my old copies of The Face in the loft. I'll check it out and post if its there.

You Wot! said...

Brilliant.Saw these support the Members at 100 club last month.

garychching said...

Hi again You Wot! I missed that one, The Members are still one of my fave bands. All the best.