Tuesday, 5 August 2014

White Boy - Kissing At Midnight 12" EP

This one is 'White Boys' fourth release again donated by Bruce Rhodes, (only one more to go, Bruce is still trying to obtain their third release) if you have checked out the other 'White Boy' posts (check out the labels side bar) you would know this is a strange band, and this is clearly not one of their best, and its not just me saying that, check out the review below:

"Damn, this is awful. Really awful. Living in Shadows is a terrible eighties rock song that's about twenty minutes long and doesn't even have a fucking ending. Be the First One is a dreadful new wave dance song. Kissing at Midnight is an awful dance song with fake drums, synth, doubled vocals and jerk off funk guitar. Coming Back Home is only 30 seconds long, but it has the most retarded harmonica part ever. Summary: Awful, awful, terrible, dreadful, awful, retarded"

Source plus all of the other White Boy single reviews here: 30underdc.com

Personally I think its a bit harsh and tracks two and three are not too bad, there just not great. But as usual Bruce and ASFM are keen to see what you think of these, so give them a try and leave a comment and tell us if you agree with 30underdc.com.

Band: White Boy
Label: Doodley Squat
Year: 1983
1. Kissing At Midnight
2. Coming Back Home
3. Living In The Shadows
4. Be The First

Ripped from Bruce's glorious scratched vinyl

If you like White Boy then your just going to have to try and track all those Doodley Squat records the hard way.


Longy said...

That review really sold it for me Gary lol

The Wolfmen said...

nice tune

Christian said...

Oh Wow Gary you weren't kidding after listening to Kissing At Midnight I feel nauseated haha

garychching said...

Thanks Longy, Bruce warned me about it before he sent it, I still think the review is v harsh.

The Wolfmen is that sarcasm or you really like it?

Hi Christian, Kissing at midnight would not get on any of my playlists.