Monday, 4 August 2014

Ultravox - John Peel Sessions 1977

Some of you will recognise the cover and some of you will also say, "Hey wasn't this already posted over at the excellent Ad Nauseam", and the answer to that is (nearly) yes (you can still see the Ad Nauseam post here).

I confess I have borrowed the same cover, but this time up all four tracks from the classic 1977 session are included. I haven't had a chance to compare rips, so you may want to try both and make up the combination that best suits you.

Now you all know I love the John Foxx Ultravox so I was really chuffed when I finally found all four tracks.

So the missing track was the excellent "The Man Who Dies Every Day" and now you can hear them all.

Band: Ultravox!
Album: John Peel Sessions 21/11/1977
1. My Sex
2. The Man Who Dies Everyday
3. Artificial Life
4. Young Savage

Ripped from glorious hissing tape (see comment for link)

If you like this, the you should have these, buy them now, they all include extra tracks and are pretty cheap, so no excuses:
Systems Of Romance


Marky Dread (Sparks) said...

FUCK! Gary I have Just posted the same bloody thing! Sorry mate if this offends in anyway I will remove my post. However you should check it out first as the quality and artwork are top.

garychching said...

Hey Marky, no problem, post away. i left a comment over at yours.

arstider said...


Been reading over at Marky.

Ultravox w/Foxx what a good why to start the weekend...... :-D

Best wishes from Sweden

garychching said...

Hi Arstider, yep its good we're all friends, the beer idea sounds good to me.

deadboy said...

gary could you post this on your front page if you get a chance cheers.

The man has finally caught up with me, and it is with great sadness I have to inform you all that Moody Places & GrandPassion are no more.
I'd like to thank everybody for visiting and all those who left a comment, I have to say I thought I would be at it for a couple of months, but we lasted nearly 3 years!! Hopefully I'll be back in some shape or form in the near future. If anyone wants to get in touch you can catch me at
Once again thanks to all, it's been a blast.

Eddie Duquenne said...
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Eddie Duquenne said...

Merçi à toi pour le lien
Ami blogger, it's great

Ad Nauseam

garychching said...

No problem Eddie, always happy ro link to a felow blogger, especially when its a great blog.