Monday, 4 August 2014

Barry Biggs - Work All Day 7"

Most people in the UK (well anyone between the age of 40-55) will remember Barry Biggs for his cover of "Sideshow" (a no prize for anyone who can name who recorded the 1974 original) which reached number 3# in the UK charts in 1976. Personally I thought it was OK but nowhere near as good as his debut UK single also released in 1976 "Work All Day".

"Work all day" is a catchy and I guess more on the popular side of the reggae sound, but who cares I like it. The b-side consists of the good traditional dub version "Play all night" by the Dynamics.

Does anyone else remember this one?

Artist Barry Biggs
Label: Dynamic
Year: 1976
1. Work All Day
2. Play All Night - The Dynamics

Ripped from glorious very scratched vinyl (see comment for link)

If you like this, you won't go far wrong with buying his greatest hits here, its more expensive but more complete and includes, Sideshow, Work all Day (but not the b-side) and also his first big hit in Jamaica, another cover of the Osmonds hit "One Bad Apple":

Sideshow: the Best of Barry Biggs

This one is a bit cheaper but not so complete (the Osmonds cover is not included):


Lee said...

Thanks for this Gary, been searching for the B side for a while, for some reason I've still got Sideshow but got rid of this one even though this is the better tune.

garychching said...

No problem Asbo, glad to help