Monday, 4 August 2014

Leyton Buzzards - Radio 1 In Concert 1979

I was sorting through more boxes of old tapes and was well pleased when I uncovered this little gem. An old friend gave me this many years ago and I had forgotten all about it. I did a quick search and it doesn't appear to be posted anywhere else.

So here's one for you to enjoy. You're hear from the intro that this came of the back of their winning a high profile (BBC1 and the Sun) "Battle of the Bands" contest. Following this they were signed up by "Chrysalis Records".

This concert has them supporting Bethnal (only got the Buzzards here, and personally for me, its the part to have).

It's includes most their best songs, and their first two singles "19 & Mad" and "Saturday Night Beneath the Plastic Palm Trees". So if you never got to see the Leyton Buzzards you can now here what they were like.


Band: The Leyton Buzzards
Year: 1979 (anyone know the actual date?)
Album: Radio 1 In Concert
1. Intro
2. The Greatest Story Ever Told
3. Sweet Dream
4. I Don't Want To Go To Art School
5. Saturday Night Beneath The Plastic Palm Trees
6. No Dry Ice Or Flying Pig
7. Last Tango In Paris
8. 19 & Mad
9. I'm Hanging Around

Ripped from glorious hissing tape (see comment for link)

If you like this then you can still buy this great compilation album here, its got all you would want from the Leyton Buzzards:
The Punk Collection


Longy said...

Excellent find Gary :-) Many thanks for this. PS about your comment on the MC5 I posted.....if you want it a copy sent to your house,email me &leave us your address.

jeffen said...

Since 19 & Mad is on an old compilation I had, I've always had a weakness for this band.

roberto said...

thanks,really great post...and me too discovered the Buzzards in that old Cherry Red comp...

jimmy said...

That great band, excellent

Marky Dread (Sparks) said...

Quality post mate I only have their album and I always liked that. They became Modern Romance later on who were not so good.

bloater999 said...

I always loved the Buzzards, and even tolerated Modern Romance - wish they'd get a spot on Rebellion; Leyton Buzzards set followed by a Modern Romance encore!


garychching said...

Thanks for the comment Longy.

Hi Jeffen, I bought 19 & Mad when it came out and on that basis went to see them and I always liked them, this gig is a good example of them. Enjoy

Thamks for the thanks Roberto, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Thanks for the comment Jimmmy

Cheers Marky, yep I'm with you 100%, shame about Modern Romance, but hey I guess lots of people did like them so they must of had something right.

Thansk Alan, loved the Buzzards, but Modern ROmance never dd it for me. But music is a very peronsal thing so I wuold bever crticise anyone for liking anything.

neil said...

Thanks a lot - always had a soft spot for this band since hearing this on the radio

Thanks again

garychching said...

Thanks for the thanks, Neil, glad to bring back the memories

nekrodad said...

Hey Gary,

Stoppig by to check out the blog, it's been a lil while. I was wondering if you have the TORN BLOODY POETRY - HARD BOILED WONDERLAND CD? I cant find that album anywhere.

Andy T said...

Excellent post Gary. Saw these about 3 times back in the day. Always good fun. Anyone out there got the Peel sessions. I know some were released on 'Jellied Eels' but some tracks weren't, such as Last Tango and a completely unreleased session from 1980.

Keep up the good work, Cheers for now, Andy T

Longy said...

Great result today Gary :)

How were the DVD's? Any good?

garychching said...

Hi Nekrodad, sorry not got that one, and I'm afraid I've never even heard of it. I guess its good if your looking for it.

Hi Andy T, thanks for the comment and the thanks. Much appreciated. I also have been looking for those john peel sessions, but so far, no luck. I'll keep looking and if I get them they will appear here. if you get them don't forget to send me a copy.

Cheers Longy, I think its yours now, but I wouldn't gloat just yet.

Watched MC5 and I loved it, hopefully will get to the Ruts sometime soon.