Monday, 4 August 2014

Ultravox - Detroit Michigan. March 8, 1979 + KROQ Interview 16/03/79

The fifth and final Ultravox live gig from their final 1979 (US) tour. This one also includes a radio interview with the band. Kindly donated again by John Headland, so you can also find a FLAC rip over at Dime.

Not one of the best recordings but it's definitely listenable. The interview starts very quiet (even the DJ says so), so stick with it.

The set list is now a familiar one, but if you love Ultravox, you're want it.

So that's me cleaned out for Ultravox stuff, although there is some John Foxx bootlegs to come.

Band: Ultravox
Album: Detroit Michigan. March 8, 1979 + KROQ Interview 16/03/79
Year: 1979
1. The Man Who Died Every Day
2. Slipaway
3. Slow Motion
4. Hiroshima Mon Amour
5. Touch and Go
6. Artificial Life
7. Just For A Moment
8. He's A Liquid
9. Quiet Men
10. Radio Beach
11. I Can't Stay Long
12. Someone Else's Clothes
13. Rockwrock
14. My Sex
15. Interview

Ripped from Johns glorious hissing tape (see comments for link)

If you like this, and you don't already own these, then go and buy them now, and even if like me, you already own them, you will find that the new releases below, each have four new tracks (how many versions am I going to buy? it will be the box set next):
Systems Of Romance


garychching said...

Part 1

Part 2

You know what to do

Anonymous said...


for this and the other early Ultravox recordings ...

Great Site...

Bravo Captain.


Longy said...

Thanks again Gary :-)

Anonymous said...

Is anyone having trouble with track 8?

garychching said...

Hi Mark, thanks for the comment and compliment, very musch appreciated.

Cheers Longy, always happy to help a fellow blogger.

Only you so far anon, have another try and if you get really stuck, I will post track 8.

Anonymous said...

Thank you - I'd really appreciate it. WinZip reports an error when it gets to track 8 in the first zipfile. I tried downloading both the zips again - not really sure why nobody else has encountered this, though! Cheers - Pete Rooney

arstider said...


I also have problems with track 8...

Best wishes from Sweden

garychching said...

OK - Here is track 8 on its own

Hope this works

Anonymous said...

Got it!
Thanks very much!
Pete Rooney

arstider said...


Also got it
Thanks for all the Ultravox

Best wishes from Sweden

garychching said...

Hi Arstider and Pete, great.

These download sites are a little ropey but as everything is free, we can't really complain, can we. :-)

All the best

Anonymous said...

Wanted to say thanks for posting the interview on KROQ. I knew it existed, but haven't been able to get a copy until know.

Fills in some detail about the Foxx-fated American tour which I have been researching for a couple of years.

What I love about the internet is finding things like that, then going off and verifying it all with local press cuttings and photos etc.

Thanks for sharing.

garychching said...

Hi Birdsong, thanks for taking the time to comment.

I'm completely with you on the power of the internet for discovering new things. Its stange I grew up without it, but now I couldn't imagine a workd without it.

All the best, Gary

Anonymous said...

Hi Gary !
Visit my vebsite There are more music,covers,pictures and info about Ultravox.

Ultravox given more than 5 shows in US 1979.I know the band was playing 25.02 in Washington - The Atlantis Club,14.03 in San Francisco - Old Waldorf.15.03 in Los Angeles -The Whiskey A Go Go.
And now we have a problem :) Boston -I have covers this bootlegs and I see the band was playing 03.03. twice:in Paradise Theatre and Euphoria Club

Thanks a lot and greeting from Poland

garychching said...

anon from Poland thanks for the link and the extra info, its always good to add a bit more information to the history.