Monday, 4 August 2014

Gardez Darkx - Heartbeat 7" Repost

This is a repost (original post below) as Julian D, the Bassist from Gardez Darkx has left a comment to say that their first two singles, plus lots more are now available on iTunes and Spotify, so get over there to buy a crackle/scratch free copy of this great single, plus much more. Also I thought I would share a poster from a 1978 gig. £1.20 those were the days

If you read the original post you will see I got the a-side and the b-side the wrong way round, it must of been because "Heartbeat" is the song I always (and still) play. So for you perfectionists out there you can buy Heartbeat on the b-side of the "Freeze (In the U.L.Zone link

Follow the links below to here to hear samples and buy below:

I don't know much about Gardez Darkx other than, they came from Bristol.

Heartbeat is an excellent track, and has always been on my punk play list. I understand this single is difficult to come by. and hence many people will have never heard of it or Gardez Darkx. This is a shame and hopefully this will get them a little better known.

The B-side "Freeze (in the U.L. Zone)" is OK, but not one of my favorite's.

See what you think

They did produce one other track which I have not got, so if anyone has it would be interested in hearing it.

Band: Gardez Darkx
Label: New Bristol Records
Year: 1978
Tracks: Heartbeat / Freeze (In The U.L. Zone)

Ripped from glorious scratched vinyl to inferior mp3, "Heartbeat":


Anonymous said...

I've got a copy of the other Gardez Darkx 45.

I'm pretty sure that the 45 I have was their first single.

"Bliss/Winter Scene" was released on the Wavelength label in 1979, and is a bit more laid back than the "Freeze" 45, still has the horns etc.

Always one of my fave punkish 45's, though most of my punk mates at the time hated it !

It's got a really nice Doors/jazzy mood to it, with some nice Morrison-ish style vocals to it.

Could do you a couple of Mp3's and J pegs if you want ?

garychching said...

Hi Anon thanks for your comment and yes I would love to hear the other Gardez Darkx 45, if you can send a link with the scans it would be much appreciated.

I can also post it with credit to yourself if you leave your name.

Julian D said...

I'm a bit late spotting this conversation, but I'm Julian, bassist with Gardez Darkx 1978 to about 1980. Freeze/Heartbeat was the first single, Bliss the 2nd (& last!). Various tracks now on Spotify & itunes.

garychching said...

Hi Julian reposted, hope it helps you to make some money. All the best Gary