Tuesday, 5 August 2014

UK. Subs - C.I.D.

If you bought the 'UK Subs' debut album 'Another Kind Of Blues' a few years ago you would have the album versions only and not the single versions of this posting, hence why I have posted it today.

If you buy it today your in luck, as is so common now the re-release has the original album plus their singles.

It's strange how the 'UK. Subs' used to be one of my favourite punk bands, but playing this now, it hasn't aged as well as some of the other songs from the late 70's. Although I must admit 'C.I.D' and 'B1C' were never my favourite songs. 'Live in a car' was always a crowd pleaser and was of my personal fave's. But you tell me what you think.

'Live in a car' is an excellent example of why you shouldn't have technology in the lyrics. For many young people today they would struggle to understand what the hell 'Charlie Harper' was singing about:

"Well I live in a car
well I live in a car
Well I ain't got no television set or stereo
Don't try to call me on the telephone
Coz I won't be home
I Live in a car"

Well what's wrong with the mobile, and the ipod?

Little more etching trivia, the a-side has the classic 'A Porky Prime Cut' and the b-side has 'This Side Up the side below'. Who knows?

Band: UK. Subs
Label: City Records
Year: 1978
1. C.I.D.
2. Live In A Car
3. B1C

If you like then go out and buy this, it has some excellent tracks on, for me the best tracks are 'Lady Esquire' and 'Tomorrows Girl':
Another Kind of Blues
Another Kind of Blues


Robert said...

I thought you would choose Stranglehold, with the inscription:
"B-side Rules". Haha.

Subs, and Charlie Harper is such a great band and chap. A true character.

garychching said...

I was going to go with Stranglehold.
They were all nice guys.
I used to be friends with Nick and Paul of the Subs. They all (inc. Charlie) used to hang out in City records in Kingston. Those were the days, guest list, free records ....

Robert - Stockholm said...

My copy of C.I.D. is actually signed by Garrett.
Yeah, sad the days of free music is gone...

garychching said...

Hey Robert although there no more free vinyls, I do like being able to access just about every bootleg (which I used to pay £5-£10 a go in the late 70's) that exists and some I didn't even know about.

Also the blogs are excellent I have found music I didn't even know existed.

Chris said...

Great single. Thanks.