Tuesday, 5 August 2014

The Clash - Return To Brixton

I'm not sure how many people know this one. In the late 80's there was a real upsurge in the dance and house scene. Remixes became the new thing and a number of dance versions of classic songs were produced.

The 'Clash were not to be left out and and in this instance their classic track ' Guns Of Brixton' was remixed. I would not usually be a fan of this genre, but somehow they have managed to maintain the essential core sound of the original track.

'Guns of Brixton' was the only track that Paul Simonon (Bass Guitarist) sang (well talked I guess) on. He also wrote the song (not sure if he wrote any others). As a point of interest Paul Simonon did much of the artwork on the early 'Clash' records and often did the back drops at some of their gigs, he later went on to become a professional artist and in my opinion (for what its worth) produced some really good paintings. I have posted one of London's Millbank below and follow this link if you want to see some more.

Band: The Clash
Label: CBS
Year: 1990
1. Return to Brixton (3.17)
2. Return to Brixton (6.32)
3. Return to Brixton (SW2 Dub) (5.22)
4. The Guns Of Brixton - Original (3.19)


Clint Iguana said...

it did indeed come out on vinyl... in fact i was not aware that it was available on CD!

As i recall it was a response to 'Dub be good to me' by Beats International (aka norman cook aka fatboy slim) which was a rip off of guns of brixton

i dont suppose you have the topper headon 12" ep 'leave it to luck' that was released in '85?

while we are on requests.... fruit eating bears? johnny moped?

and this one is a long shot (not quite same period as most of your posts but i cannot get digital copies anywhere).... if you have anything by the Crazy Pink Revolvers (stan stammers band after Spear of Destiny) and you could post it i would come and wash your underwear for a year

garychching said...

Hi Clint, afraid I haven't got Topper Headon or Fruit Eating bears.

I have got all of Johnny Mopeds stuff and will put some up.

I used to share a squat with Stan Stammers when we lived in Brixton, I haven't talked to him for years but I'll email him and ask if can give us some Crazy Pink Revolvers Stuff to post. If you don't ask you don't get.

Clint Iguana said...

i e-mailed Stan myself ages ago through his Plastic Eaters site but got no reply, If you know him you might stand a better chance than me.

Maybe i ought to do what you have done... set myself up to rip stuff off vinyl!

Johnny Moped and PERHAPS Crazy Pink Revolvers! Most excellent... the wonders of surfing eh! Glad i stumbled upon you

garychching said...

According to the 'Stan Stammers' on-line shop (link - in my space) all the CPR stuff is being reissued on CD.
I know that the classic 'Spear Of Destiny albums' - Grape of Wrath and One Eyed Jacks have recently been reissued.

Clint Iguana said...

yeah, i noticed that ages ago but not seen any sign of anything.

what is your my space url comrade?

garychching said...

I'm afraid I never got round to my space. You think I should? This blog already takes up a lot of my time

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

clint, do you wanna come round and wash my pants? cos I've got Wednesday 19.45 12" by Crazy Pink Revolvers in a pile of stuff to convert and put on my blog, and maybe I can move it forward in the pile.

Clint Iguana said...

MMMM gary.. you have me condused now.. i thought '(link - in my space)' meant you had a my space.

well.... i have found it really handy for discovering new bands from all over the world, but it is time consuming (hence the lack of activity on my blog since i set up a space)

WOLF MAN 'Wednesday 19:45' ... ill wash your socks for that, for 'brixton nights' 12" i would do your boxers in my machine, but for the second album 'at the rivers edge' I would come around and do your thong by hand

garychching said...

Ha ha ha, brilliant Nuzz, I think Clint washing your pants sounds like a youtube special - 5 stars

garychching said...

Clint I've always wondered what that link is. I don't remember creating it

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

Who told you about my thong clint? looks like it's just the socks at the moment, I'll put it on the blog sometime next week.

garychching said...

Sound good Nuzz, I will be watching out for it.

Clint don't forget those socks

JenX said...

Hello. Do you have copy of this Return To Brixton 4 track? Or at least the first three mixes? I have never heard of this before.

garychching said...


Here you go JenX, click three times with left mouse to select link.


jenX said...

Thanks a lot for doing that, it's appreciated muchly :) :) :)

garychching said...

Did you like it?

jenX said...

Actually when I first noticed the post, I was dreading what this would sound like... but was intrigued at the same time. Hence me asking to hear it.

On hearing the tracks, I am surprised. The mixes sound good. And thankfully they are not killing the song in any way. Cheers again.

garychching said...

Hi jenx, it was the same feeling for me when I bought it. I though oh no the mighty Clash are going to let me down, and they didn't.