Tuesday, 5 August 2014

The Bad Actors - Are They Hostile

I don't know much about this one at all. I seem to remember that 'the Damned ' had some involvement in helping to release this, and it if that's true then it wouldn't surprise me, as the a-side 'Are They Hostile' does sound similar to them.

Does anyone out there know anymore? Google is showing very little.

If you haven't heard this one before it will soon be stuck in your head and you will find yourself walking around singing the chorus, ever since I ripped this last night, I keep singing it.

The b-sides OK, but for me it's the a-side (I know strange for me).

There was obviously a mistake on the cover as the b-side 'Love Song' title was added with a sticker.

Band: the Bad Actors
Label: Plastic Speech
Year: 1980
1. Are They Hostile
2. Love Song

Ripped from glorious scratched vinyl:


Clint Iguana said...

Ha! just googled it and this post comes top of the pile already!

Accoring to my 'international discography of new wave' there was another single 'strange love'/'energy society' which was released on sophisticated noise in 1981

garychching said...

Hi Clint, I googled it before posting and found bugger all.

Captain said...

Well, strangely enough, I was the band's lead singer, and no, The Damned were not involved in any way, although we used to see Captain Sensible in the queue at the Croydon Unemployment Office, and we did once support Brian James.

"Strange Love" was the only other single, but was more arty-farty and not so punky, unlike the B-Side which rocks but is a crap recording.

The band eventually split, with some of the others going on to do typical 80s pop stuff, while I became a recording engineer.

A few years ago I came out of retirement and currently front a punkpop band "MARC and the Millionaires", so if you download this, do me a favour and visit the homepage and/or the myspace rubbish: www.marcandthemillionaires.com

So I hope you don't mind the shameless plug, and otherwise, thanks for uploading this, I haven't heard it in years!



Anonymous said...

a great croydon punk band. Formed from the remnants of Bliss.Saw them often at venues such as The Warehouse . Thomas a Becket.The Castle. Good times !

mark Clayton said...

Hi. Both your singles were great, though muffled recording tarnished Strange Love. I treasure both singles,though, and wish you'd released more! Strange Love... superb picture cover! I'd really like the Marc and.. etc CD, but can't find it anywhere. Where can I get it? Always need tangible things, so downloads don't do it for me. Keep up the good work, and if you can help re the Marc...CD, please contact me on void.noise@outlook.com. Thanks. Mark Clayton.Bad Actors supporter.