Tuesday, 5 August 2014

The Members - The Sound Of The Suburbs

This was 'The Members' second single and followed their classic first release 'Solitary Confinement' (which I would of posted if I could find it - I appear to have lost a few records over the years).

'Solitary Confinement' failed to chart, but 'The Sound Of The Suburbs' reached #12 in the UK Charts. This is a true punk classic and most of you will be familiar with the starting lyrics:

"Same old boring Sunday Morning old mans out washing the car"
"Mums in the kitchen cooking Sunday dinner her best meal moaning while it lasts"
"and Johnny's upstairs in his bedroom sitting in his bedroom in the dark"
"annoying the neighbors with his punk rock electric guitar"


Released on clear vinyl (see picture above - no label so you can see the picture cover at the back) and boring black vinyl, each in different covers (which I have posted both)

The b-side 'Handling The Big Jets' is an instrumental and in my opinion probably the best punk instrumental ever (anyone got any other contenders? then leave a comment - I'm already thinking Johnny Thunders 'Pipeline')

Band: The Members
Label: Virgin
Year: 1979
1. The Sound Of The Suburbs
2. Handling The Big Jets

If you like this then go and buy their debut album, which now also includes all of the a and b-sides of their three singles, well worth a buy:
At the Chelsea Nightclub
At the Chelsea Nightclub


jamfan said...

another classic single from the best era in music ever 1977-82 this is a fantastic blog

garychching said...

Thanks for your comment, it was a brilliant era

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

Hawai 5 0 by The Dark ?

garychching said...

Hey Nuzz, I don't think I have heard that one. Another one for you to post?

I'm happy for you to post that after Clint has washed your pants

Clint Iguana said...

testing testing one two FREE FOR U... try this.. solitary confinement.. http://www.zshare.net/download/7067540ecbd392/

if that works, who knows what might be next!

let me know how you get on

you'll be washing MY grundies before the week is out

garychching said...

Ha ha, I don't even wash by own grundies, its not gonna happen.

It worked by the way, and spookily I found a version as well.