Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Streets - Select highlights From Independant British Labels

Only one posting today, but it is a 17 track 'LP' (it takes a long time to rip and scan in LP's - I think I will mainly stick to singles). This is touted as the first ever 'Punk Compilation' album. Although it was released on the 'Beggars Banquet' label, it is a compilation from other labels as well. The excellent cover artwork is from 'Savage Pencil' aka 'Edwin Pouncey' aka 'Lead singer for the Art Attacks'.

There are some real 'gems' on this album. I will pick out a few and then you can sample the others yourself. I have already posted 'The Art Attacks' first single and I mentioned that they contributed one song to this album, so here it is the excellent 'Arabs In 'Arrads'. The 'Members' also feature for their first time on this blog, not one of their best, but it's still very good, I will post a couple of their classics very soon. A brilliant 'Lurkers' song, 'Be My Prisoner' from their debut album Fulham Fallout', classic punk that will have you jumping around.
'Arthur Comics' aka 'Giovanni Dadamo' aka 'lead singer of the Sniveling Shits' plays 'isgodaman' again not one of their best but interesting, the excellent 'Pork Dukes' and their classic 'Bend and Flush' (I haven't posted any of theirs as yet because of their explicit covers - still not sure how to handle stuff like that). Punk poet 'John Cooper Clarke' also features with the brilliant 'Innocents'. On top of these more well know artists there are some further classics, from less known bands such as 'The Dogs, The Reaction, The Exile and Jerkin, but as usual I will leave it to you to choose.

Leave a comment and tell me what you think of some of these tracks.
There are three tracks on this album that I have already posted a singles, and I have left them on here for completeness.

Some etching trivia on this one. On the a-side we have "More College Girls Please" a reference to track 8 from 'Crane'.

Bands: Various
Label: Beggars Banquet
Year: 1977

Side A
01. Trash - The Doll
02. Fear On The Streets - The Members
03. Be My Prisoner - The Lurkers
04. isgoadaman - Arthur Comics?
05. Arabs In 'Arrads - Art Attacks
06. 19 - The Dogs
07. Talk Talk Talk Talk - The Reaction
08 College Girls' - Cane

Side B
09 - Cranked Up Really High - Slaughter and the Dogs
10. Ain't Been To No Music School - The Nosebleeds
11. Lookalikes - The Drones
12. Hungry - The Zeros
13. Bend and Flush - The Pork Dukes
14. Disastermovie - The Exile
15. Jerkin - Drive
16. Innocents - John Cooper Clarke
17. No More Rock n'Roll - Tractor

Ripped from glorious scratched vinyl:


Robert said...

I remember buying two early compilations, both size '10. I think one was called "Punk Wave" (in dripping colours).

Some great song on this one.

If you ask me, stick with the singles, I love 'em.
Robert - Stockholm

Hmmm, Is it the song from the suburbs I hear in the background ...?

garychching said...

Hi Robert, I have not heard of those compilations.

Not made up mind on the Members song as yet.

Requests anyone?

Hank said...

A funny thing about one of the tracks (if you didn't know it already): The Reaction who appear with the track Talk Talk Talk Talk later turned into deep and arty synth combo Talk Talk! Well I think its pretty funny.

Clint Iguana said...

Ah yes, a classic if ever there was, i remember this when it first came out and my copy must have the fingerprints of just about every snot nosed punk that lived in blackwood at the time (and borrowed it).

the members track was always one of my favourites, as were the lurkers and the dogs... nice one, have given you a plug on my blog

garychching said...

Hey Hank, yep that me laugh too. You have some excellent Anecdotes, I love them, keep them coming

garychching said...

Hi Clint, thanks for your comment and the plug on the blog, I will come over and have a look at yours tonight.
All the best.

Simon said...

I found this in excellent condition for only ONE English pound in a second-hand shop close to where the legendary bench was that was where The Clash supposedly formed... he says easily.

garychching said...

Hi Simon, you did well, I have seen this selling in excellent condition up to £25. So you got a bargain there.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you been up in my loft staeling my vinyl !!
Keep 'em coming
I've got a digatal recording/mastering service in Tunvridge Wells we use for our own material (www.insanesociety.co.uk)
I've smartened up the "Streets" album. If you send your email address to insanesociety@hotmail.co.uk I'll post the remastered version back to ya.
All the best, - Wag

P.S. Have you got Eddie and Sheena by Wayne County and the two other pinpoint singles??

Spizzle said...

Nice one I had this when it came out, but lent it around 1981 and never got it back.

Great to hear it again

garychching said...

Hi Wag, thanks for the offer I will take you up on it. Eddie and Sheena and the two pinpoint songs will be posted. Keep visiting.

garychching said...

Hi Spizzle, we've all done it and I will never do it again. Golden Rule:
Never lend records, books or comics

clintiguana said...

should never let you lighter out of your sight either

Chris said...

This is a pretty damn consistent comp. Lots of great stuff I've never heard.


bazzil said...

I picked this one up almost 30 years ago, and it was one of my favorite lps at the time. It really does take me back.

garychching said...

Hi Chris and Bazzil thanks for taking the time to post a comment. It's a great album and one I have never stopped playing.

Anonymous said...

Another funny thing about one of the tracks (if you didn't know it already): The Nosebleeds features a frontman, named Steven Patrick Morrissey, who later dropped both christian names. thanks to my little bro' for this piece of info. great blog m8, brings me back to happier times. keep up the good work.

garychching said...

Hi Anon your brother is right, but Morrissey did not join until the second incarnation and didn't feature on "Ain't been to no music school2. Still a good bit of info that most probably should have been included.

Thanks for the reminder and the comment.

John Sposato said...

The Reaction were the precusor band to Talk Talk, and they redid their namesake song on their first album The Party's Over.

garychching said...

Hi John thanks for the comment and extra info.

Raul said...

Hello Gary, Nice compilation album (do people still say "album"?). I guess I'm trying to hide my advancing age. This compilation as some great tracks. Thanks for putting it out there.

I noticed track 12 list a group called The Zeros. There was a group here in Southern California called The Zeros. They were labeled the Mexican Ramones. Not the same group as track 12 obviously but very hard to find. Actually impossible as far as I'm concerned. They were around in the late 70's to early 80's. Can you help?

garychching said...

Hi Raul, yep i still call them albums and yep I'm getting on now.

Finding the Zeros is no problem. you can still get it on Amazon and iTines (search for Zeroes Don't Push Me Around) if you want to try it first then type in the same in the Captain Crawl search engine (under my profile) and you will find it. It's a gem and yep it does sound like the Ramoness - very cool. Hope this helps.

Raul said...

Hi Gary, Thanks again. Listening to The Zeros brings back some fond memories.

garychching said...

Hi Raul, yep its a great album it got me playing it again

Anonymous said...

Isgodaman - was released on a damaged goods comp as a track by the Snivelling Shits, is this the same track

garychching said...

Hi anon, yep its the sames track

Anonymous said...

Don't know how I missed this. A real 'Holy Grail' find for me. Got a rat-eared vinyl, but cannot play it with modern technology.LOVE the Savage Pencil artwork as well. For me Punk was/is a way of life. Yes the music was important, but the freedom of expression came in many forms, art,comics,books,t.v,fashion, ATTITUDE !
Don't know if anyone mentioned that 'The Art Attacks',leader, Edwin Pouncey, a famous 'Sounds' journalist/reviewer, was also known as 'Savage Pencil',artist/cartoonist and drew the cover of this album, plus many future ones...

Anonymous said...

Sorry, just noticed that Tonbridge guys comment that he could clean up the sound, and forward it. Would it be rude to ask if he did?, and if so, could you re~up the new version please? Big fan of your blog, my blog imploded prematurely due to over indulgence of alcohol,and an embarrassing ability to type whilst shit~faced. Many thanks! gargoyle.

garychching said...

Hi Gargoyle (I assume the previous anon was you as well?), Yes they did another rip, I have all the tracks apart from track 1. As soon as I get some time I will post it, so keep you eye in the comments here, and please ask again if I forget.

I think we did mention the artwork was from savage pencil and Edwin Pouncey (I think it may be under the Art Attacks posting).

Thanks for the compliment and a shame your blog died, prehaps your give it a go sometime again.