Tuesday, 5 August 2014

The Human League - Being Boiled

I Know, I know, what are 'The Human League' doing on a mainly punk blog.

Well first of all I don't think a lot of people are aware of the very early 'Human League (before they went into all the crap "Don't you want me baby" stuff. This was their debut single back in 1978.

I actually bought this because it was on the excellent FAST label and as 'The Mekons' and 'Gang Of Four' were also on the same label, I thought It must be good. 'Being Boiled' is a little too cold and primitive for me, but the b-side 'Circus of Death' I actually like, and believe it or not I went out and bought a couple more of their early singles (I will post one more only - I promise).

The other reason I wanted to post this was a very tenuous link, and that was 'Johnny Rotten' was asked in 1978 what he thought of 'The Human League' and this debut single. He dismissed them as a "bunch of trendy hippies", made me laugh at the time.

Band: The Human League
Label: Fast
Year: 1978
1. Being Boiled
2. Circus Of Death
Ripped from glorious scratched vinyl:

If you like this then you will like this, their debut album(this is still nothing like their popular chart stuff, and does have some decent songs on it):


45 Revolutions said...

Excellent. They were really good for a while... including "Dare"!

garychching said...

Thanks for your comment.

I agree, I never admitted that I liked them to my mates in the late 70's.

Don't care now.

Anonymous said...

Yes, like a surprising number of Sheffield bands they could bring off the difficult feat of merging arty experiment with pop sensibilities - not all the time, and not for very long, but how many could (and can?)

Perhaps in a similar way you could also remind or educate visitors about, say, the Comsat Angels? I know that they quickly signed to a major (Polydor) which inevitably turned out to be their undoing - why didn't they listen to Peel? (or me if I'd had any clout)- although they still managed to make three great albums and numerous early singles as well as even better radio sessions. In keeping with the laudable spirit of your great blog, could you post their first, independent, Red Planet ep? It's a classic! I'd do it myself, but I'm still a bit of a technophobe. One day I'll get around to transferring my Peel tape stuff, and you can have the first results if you want (but don't hold your breath!)

garychching said...

Hi thanks for your comment.

I'm afraid I haven't got the red ep, if you want to get it to me, I am happy to post it. I have got their classic album waiting for a miracle, but as its generally still available I wasn't planning on posting it.

wedge said...

whered the link go? ive always wanted to hear their early singles. ive had Travelogue & Reproduction since the early 80's & always loved them; even though they sound VERY dated these days.

if you could reup this 45, id be very thankful!!

Eden 263 said...

Human League - we love 'em. If people think is is a bit odd, their stuff as The Future is even odder! No Jo and Suzanne to be seen.

garychching said...

You've been busy Eden. I was a big Human League fan up to the second album, and then they went a little too poppy for me.

Anonymous said...

My daughters still have the original copy that Phil gave me one night in The Limit Club, Sheffield. This was sort of consolation after telling another band to either quit p*ssing me about or I'd p*ssing quit. Phil knows what happened next, and we still have a giggle even now, millions of years later.

garychching said...

Anon thanks for the comment, a bit of a tease, are you gonna tell us the whole story?