Tuesday, 5 August 2014

T.V. Smith's Explorers - Tomahawk Cruise

This is T.V.Smith's debut single following the Adverts break up. As far as I'm concerned all of the 'Adverts' singles were outstanding and 'Tomahawk Cruise' continued that run.

T.V.Smith's voice is distinctive and you can instantly hear the influence he had on the Adverts. This is one single you will play and play and play, I promise. the b-side is good but nowhere near as good as the a-side.

I also rate the first explorers album 'Last Words from a Great Explorer' and was surprised when I had a look for it that it is no longer commercially available, so I may post this at a later date if anyone likes what they hear. My copy also came with a free single 'World Of My Own / Walk In A Straight Line" which I couldn't find any sign of (but I only did a quick Google) has anyone else got this?

The lyrics are on the back cover, so as per usual I have included a high resolution scan of the back cover.

Band: T.V.Smith's Explorers
Label: Big Beat
Year: 1980
1. Tomahawk Cruise
2. See Europe

Ripped from glorious scratched vinyl:

TV Smith is a prolific artist with a large catalogue of recording which continue right up to today. Although some of them are no longer on Amazon, etc. iTunes has a few of his good albums such as Misinformation Overload. One other to recommend is his recent live cover of the classic Adverts tracks:
Crossing the Red Sea With the Adverts Live at the 100 Club
Crossing the Red Sea With the Adverts Live at the 100 Club


arstider said...

Thanks for this.
Something I hadn't heard before.

Best wishes from Sweden

Robert said...

And he is coming to Sweden! For the first time ever.
Robert - Stockholm

Robert said...

There is a cd with a lot of bonus tracks with Last Word from a Great Explorer, including 'World Of My Own / Walk In A Straight Line" and Tomahawk Cruise.

45 Revolutions said...

Good post. Excellent record. Anybody got one of TV's pre-Adverts Sleaze LPs? I wanna.

garychching said...

Hi Robert, CD!!!! It was only on vinyl in my day

garychching said...

Thanks for the comment 45 revs. I have never heard of the pre-adverts stuff, sounds interesting, perhaps we should make another request.

Nathan Nothin said...

Adverts & T.V.Smith rip it up.
Great post.

As per your query about the Sic F*cks, well, after building up a huge reputation for outrageous raucous rock, they broke up before even recording. After a couple years, they reformed & recorded the five-song 12" produced by Andy Shernoff of the also notorious Dictators. That's about all.

Hope someone comes up with that pre-Ads Sleaze. Like to hear that, can't say as I ever did.

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

Alright Gary, just looking at my copy of The Last Words Of The Great Explorer, it's been in my pile of stuff to digitalise, but time and all that. ( Anyone know of a time bank, cos I'm well up for robbing one.) Cant find the copy of the free 7" either. The ony TV you can trust.

Stefan said...

TV Smith will play at Kafé 44, Stockholm 23 mars 2008!!

Anonymous said...

could anyone help
I'm trying to download Tv smith's The Last Words Of The Great Explorer
from Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf blog
but I always get the same answer from 4shared.com try later ...
but it's the only file which I can't download !
Could anyone upload it eslewhere ?
many thanks!

garychching said...

Hi Bob, have you asked Nuzz?

If you can't get it drop me an email (link in profile) I have my own vinyl rip - not sure if its up to the quality of Nuzz's rip, but its a copy.

chrisss said...

i've got the Walk In A Straight Line 7"
it sat in my box o 7s for years than one day i plucked it out and to my surprise, i liked it better than a lot of adverts songs (and i'm a HUGE adverts fan)

great posting

garychching said...

Hi Chrisss thanks for the comment I always liked tv smith but as you did appreciated him much more now and also play his stuff more than I do the adverts.

Anonymous said...

Here is a link to a nice video for the track

garychching said...

Thanks for the link anon - very good