Tuesday, 5 August 2014

The Bears - Fun, Fun, Fun / On Me / Insane / Insane!!

Time for a ' Bears' fest, a brilliant virtually unknown (for many) punk band. If you haven't heard of them, then you are in for a real treat, the album and singles are a treasure trove of gems.

The first track is the brilliant 'Fun, Fun, Fun' taken from 'The Farewell to the Roxy album. I love this song and it is most probably my favourite 'Bears' track.

The next track is there Debut single 'On Me' released in 1977 another classic. In my opinion 'The Bears' produced superior punk, excellent tunes, nearly poppy, but still staying punk. This is the only gap in this collection, I haven't got this single and therefore do not have the b-side 'Wot's Up mate' (There is a version on the album, but I am not sure if it's the same, anyone got a rip from the single?)

Their second single is even better 'Insane' released in 1978 is slow, moody, brooding, outstanding, play it. The other side of this double a-side single 'Decisions', is....... oh I'm just gonna go on and on looking for words to describe how cool this band is.

Their final release in 1986 is the album Insane!!, made up of demos, all of the singles are here, plus another version of 'Fun, Fun, Fun and loads more brilliant stuff.

The only thing I can't understand is why someone doesn't release all of these tracks on a CD collection, If they do I will be the first in the queue to buy it. So come on, who ever owns this stuff, re-release it.

Band: The Bears:
Album: Farewell To The Roxy
Label: Lightning
Year: 1977
1. Fun, Fun, Fun

Label: Waldo's Records
Year: 1977
1. On Me
2. Wot's Up Mate (Not Included here - anyone got it?)

Label: Good Vibrations
Year: 1978
1. Insane
2. Decisions

Album: Insane!! (Thanks to Longy for this contribution)
Label: Tiger Beat
Year: 1986
01. Motoron
02. Whacky Scout
03. Outasight
04. Frank Nitty
05. On The Beach
06. Beer n' Drugs
07. On Me
08. Fun, Fun, Fun
09. Wot's Up Mate
10. Insane
11. Motoronandon
12. On Me

Ripped from glorious scratched vinyl and other sources that I don't know:


Udomsil said...


DivShare accounts are no longer available for free in SE Asia. Is there any chance you could host your files somewhere else?

I know I'm being selfish but I love getting stuff from your site!!


And, while I'm at it, thanks for the link to The Cybermen. Great to hear that again!!

Clint Iguana said...



I bet this little gem aint in there though .. so how can it be the world greatest?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Bears post. Been looking for this forever!! Great Blog by the Way :)

garychching said...

Udomsil, service is restored

garychching said...

ha ha ha nice one Clint, your very kind.

garychching said...

No probs anon, I also have been searching for some of this stuff for a long time.

Udomsil said...

Thanks, Gary. Much appreciated.

Keep up the good work!!!

hdvns said...

Ok this is creepy... I just posted 'Insane' and then because I was thinking about old punk singles I thought I'd surf over to your place and... all I can say is like minds think alike! I guess I should have posted 'On You' since you said you don't have it. OY is such a killer track, the B-side 'Wot's Up' is a throwaway goof-fest. I'll send you a link soon.

hdvns said...

I loaded the 'On Me' single in my Bears posted for your listening enjoyment:

garychching said...

Hey hdvns thanks for completing the bears collection, much appreciated.

It is spooky I was holding TV Smiths single in my hand when I got a comment from Robert saying TV smith was playing in Sweden for the first time.

irishdave said...

Marvelous! This brings back memories - thanks. Great blog btw

garychching said...

Thanks Irishdave, its one of my all time favorites,