Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Masterswitch - Action Replay

Not a lot to say about Masterswitch. This was their one and only recording. Based in London they gigged the classic punk circuits but were never more than a support band.. The single was released on (at the time) a major label 'Epic', who were certainly not renowned for their support of punk or new wave, which is most probably why the single didn't have a picture cover either.

Both sides are OK with a power pop / new wave feel to them. In my opinion 'Action Replay' is most probably the better track and I guess that's why it is the a-side. What do you think? leave a comment and tell me which one you prefer.

Band: Masterswitch
Label: Epic
Year: 1978
1. Action Replay
2. Mass Media Meditation

Ripped from glorious scratched vinyl:


jeffen said...

I believe in leaving a comment when I downlaod something but since I download most everything you post I'm in danger of stuffing the comments box with redundancies.

Truth be told, this is one of the best maintained, most focussed blogs out there.

We all owe you a tip of the hat.


45 Revolutions said...

I agree with the kudos for the site proferred above.

Masterswitch: loved it then, love it now. I remember this was an Anne Nightingale favourite at the time. Great!

garychching said...

Thanks Jeffen your compliments are much apprenticed.

garychching said...

ahh 45 Revs, I used to listen to Anne Nightingale. She's still going but no keen on her current tastes

mug said...

Thanks! I haven't thought of this one in years. I bought it on a compilation LP called "Permanet Wave" had a great cover of a middle aged lady getting her permed. Great to hear it again!

garychching said...

Hi Mug, I saw a copy of Permanent Wave the other day for £25 not sure if that is a good price or not. Glad to remind you of an old classic.

whenever I re-read some of my postings and comments, I see a million and one, grammatical and spelling mistakes. It always looks OK when I'm typing (see comment to Jeffen - apprenticed instead of appreciated. These spelling aids make it even worse for me.