Tuesday, 5 August 2014

The Stanley Blacks - In Sight

The Stanley Blacks are a four piece from the Woking/Guildford area (that's the South East of England and about 20 miles from London for our overseas visitors) and are influenced by the Strokes, Arcade Fire and the Beatles.

I know this isn't a traditional ASFM posting, but after seeing the Stanley Blacks a few times I got talking to them and they mentioned they were in the process of recording a new EP. So I volunteered to post their music and get some feedback from blog land.

So here it is their first track 'In Sight', the other tracks are still being finished (available in Jan 2009) so you're privileged to hear their first recording before anyone else. So please download this and leave some honest feedback in the comments.

They have a few gigs coming up (see their myspace site here for info) and I can personally recommend seeing them.

They're a young band (in their late teens/20's) and working hard to make it, so please feel free to post on your own blogs (just leave a link and some comments so they can see what people think).

Band: The Stanley Blacks
Label: Unsigned
Year: 2008
1. In Sight

Ripped in some recording studio


garychching said...


You know what to do

deadboy said...

Hi Gary

Yeah no problem at all, anything to help, i've downloaded it and given it a listen and i've got to say i'm very impressed you want me to use your link or shall i upload it myself?
Young Jack, for that is what we called him is doing very well indeed thanks.


Dave said...

Hey Gary,

I'll play them on my next radio show, which is this coming Tuesday. It will be the first time the band is played on air in Canada. I can also post a link to the song on my site. Should i just link to you?

garychching said...

Hi Drew,,thanks for your help, happy for you to whichever you prefer.

garychching said...

Hi Dave, great news, hopefully they will read this, but I will tell them and they can get their friends to download your show. Should get a few more hits on your blog.

I am pretty sure it will be the first time they have been played on air anywhere.

Thanks for your help

garychching said...

Hi Dave sorry forgot to answer your last question, whatever suits you, happy for you to repost on your site or link.

Dave said...

Not a problem Gary. Should be exciting.

Asbo said...

Done deal :)
The song grows on you with every listen, I reckon they've got a chance if they get some exposure.

Longy said...

This is pretty good stuff. Reminds me a bit of the Chilli Peppers but better.

garychching said...

Cheers Longy didn't think this was your cup of tea, its funny how you assume you know what people like. It would be good if you posted it as well. It can only increase their coverage.

Longy said...

All done matey

Dave said...

Hey Gary,
I played the song today on my show and people seemed to like it. I also got a comment on my blog from one of the band members. When they finish their EP they'll have to send me something so I can play it!

garychching said...

Hi Dave thanks again. I'm sure they will send you a copy very soon.