Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Atoms - Max Bygraves Killed My Mother

Many people will know of 'Fat Les' and the chart topping unofficial England World Cup song 'Vindaloo' which was led by actor, comedian, writer and singer Keith Allen. Not so many people know that he also recorded this debut single with his band the 'Atoms' in 1979.

Only 2,000 copies released, the a-side 'Max Bygraves Killed My Mother' is a kind of reggae/dub single in the Alternative TV vein. My favourite and the stand-out track is the b-side 'Beatlejacket' starts of slow and builds up into a classic traditional late 70's punk style, this really grows on you.

So leave a comment and say what you think, whose the best the Dad (Keith Allen) or his daughter (Lily Allen). I know where my money is.

Band: Atoms
Label: Rinka
Year: 1979
1. Max Bygraves Killed My Mother
2. Beatlejacket

Ripped from glorious scratched vinyl

I'm not aware of any other Atoms recordings, unless anyone know of any.


Longy said...

I'm doing it Gary, I'm doing it. Cheers mate. Yet another one I've never heard of.

garychching said...

Cheers Longy, you know I once thought I owned every punk record from 77-79 that had been pressed. since starting this blog, I have found so many songs I had never heard of that I would be surprised if I own 1% of the actual songs pressed