Tuesday, 5 August 2014

The Snivelling Shits - Terminal Stupid

This was the Sniveling Shits debut and only single release, and what a classic a double a-side punk gem it is. I Always loved this single, both sides, I have to admit its not one you can play repeatedly (maybe I Can't Come is a little too long and repetitive), but it is one that you are always glad to return to.

'Terminal Stupid' is the stand-out track but those of you who haven't heard 'I Can't Come' it will make you smile, all about a guy who has taken speed and can't orgasm.

The lead singer 'Giovanni Dadamo also had another release on the 'Street Compilation (see earlier post) under the name of 'Arthur Comics'.

Etchings on both sides, on the a-side "Beat that Blit' on the aa-side "Monty Can't Come" to be added to the Hunchback of Notre Dame and all the others who can't come. Like many songs that list things from an era you ay not recognize names of actors and famous people from the late seventies, its a shame that they can't be updated,

Band: The Sniveling Shits
Label: Ghetto Records
Year: 1977
1. Terminal Stupid
2. I Can't Come

Ripped from glorious scratched vinyl:

If you like this then get hold of this CD, both these tracks are on it plus lots more:
I Can't Come
I Can't Come


45 Revolutions said...

Great! The first record I ever really paid over the odds for: 10 quid in 1979 from local 'punk disco' DJ John NoFun. Money well spent!

Anonymous said...

Yes a top single indeed. I got really excited and downloaded it. Moved it into my Snivelling Shits folder next to the album only to realise I've already got the blinking thing lol

Am I the only one who does this?


garychching said...

Hi Steve, yep this has always been on my playlist and whenever I used to make compilation tapes/cs's it was ever present.

garychching said...

Hey Longy never happened to me.

No I cannot tell a lie, it has happened to me, oh well it least it was only a relatively small download.

Bruce said...

I'm pretty sure they did a Peel session.

Still got the tape somewhere!

Maybe some of the tracks on the album are from the Peel session?

There was a boxed 45(Is godaman?) which came with a badge(I think)My memory aint what it use to be.

"I wanna be your Biro" is brilliant!! RIP Giovani.

garychching said...

Hi Bruce I will check the CD, if it doesn't have the Peel sessions I would be very interested in having them.

I know what you mean about memory, I start to write about some of these records and it goes all murky - I'm getting old mate.


Anonymous said...

I too owned the single but sold it for a profit. Also have the Peel sessions on cassette somewhere and actually met one of the band in a record shop in London. On the strength of listening again I have ordered the cd from Amazon

Thanks for a great blog and helping me relive some old memories.

garychching said...

Thanks for the comment anon. I'm glad you've ordered the CD, it dcemonstrates that blogs casn have a positive purpose by introducung and reminding people of songs often forgotten.

I bought my copy many years ago and it still gets played.

Anonymous said...

the story is that, it came from a hoax in the NME singles review section:if they praised a rcord it instantly sold well, so yhey invented a non-existing one.
it worked and record stores were flooded with people whon wanted to purchase it.
Then some clever people came up with a recording thet fitted the name and title!

garychching said...

Thanks for the comment and info anon. I'd never heard that one before.