Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Essential Logic - Aerosol Burns

Essential Logic was formed in 1978 by singer (mmmmm... see what you think) and saxophonist Lora Logic when she left X-Ray Spex. This was their debut single, released on their own label Cells Records.

She definitely had a unique sound which may not be to everyones taste, the best description would be a cross between X-Ray Spex and Kleenex. Her vocals are definitely different, and the songs have a jerky feel with the rhythm changing throughout so you never no what is going to happen next.

I like this single, especially the a-side 'Aerosol Burns' but you have a listen and leave a comment and tell ASFM what you think. The other side looks like there are two tracks and there is a little gap after 'World Friction' and then an instrumental (I Have left the two tracks connected - not sure if they are meant to be - does anyone out there know?)

One etching on the a-side "Good Luck With The Exams", the other side has "AA" so I guess this is supposed to be a double a-side single. Difficult to tell. Again does anyone out there know?

Band: Essential Logic
Label: Cells Records
Year: 1979
1. Aerosol Burns
2. World Friction

Ripped from glorious scratched vinyl:

If you like this, then buy this, it includes both sides of this posting plus other singles
Fanfare in the Garden
Fanfare in the Garden


45 Revolutions said...

I never really 'got' Essential Logic, but "Aerosol Burns" was certainly my favourite of all their stuff. Must be most annoying for bands when folk say their first record was best then everything was downhill after that. Sorry Lora. 'Course, I'd say the same thing about the first Base record and the first Come/Whitehouse record, so all your band members are in the same boat.

Lora's a family friend to bits of Monolith, you know. There's some '45 Revolutions' trivia for ya.

garychching said...

Hi Steve, I agree with you how annoying it must me to only have your early material rated.. I was talking to a friend whose sister is in a band and she was saying that its not surprising that the early material is often the best. She said you tend to pick your ten best tracks for your first album which you have spent years perfecting, then you get signed up and they give you a year to write new material. Its a tough business.

Never even heard of Base and Come/Whitehouse have to look out for those.

Anonymous said...

Nice one Gary. Great to hear this one again after so many years.


garychching said...

Cheers Longy, I had also forgotten it. Its nice uncovering some good old songs that you have forgotten.

Anonymous said...

Never listened to Essential Logic much but love Lora's solo album, Pedigree Charm. Love her voice too!


garychching said...

Hi Jonathan, I have never heard her solo work, I will have to check it out.


Anonymous said...

I really dig all the things Lora Logic did. I was glad to see that she got the respect she deserved with the reissue of her 2 CD collection in the States.

I wish back in those days, the NME and the Rough Trade shop would have given her a little bit more respect than worrying about every little thing that The Fall thing. Not to disrepect The Fall.

She did get covered in the fanzines which featured some of the more art-punk bands like The Swell Maps, the zines that would talk about The Red Krayola, Wire, early 4AD stuff, and that whole lot.

Was Cell Records her own label?

Thanks for posting this. I always wanted to see the back off the 7" sleeve and here what it sounded like on vinyl. That's the great thing about your blog, hearing the original vinyl versions.


garychching said...

Thanks for the comment Otto much appreciated. I also like to see the complete view, (both sides of covers, inserts and b-sides)

ROOKSBY said...

Gary, is there any chance you might consider reposting this - or at least the B-side, as I've never heard this (original) version of "World Friction", it's my Lora Logic holy grail basically! Many thanks, RR.