Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Captain Sensible - This Is Your Captain Speaking

This posting is Captain Sensibles debut single recorded on the Crass label. It is kindly donated by one the regular ASFM visitors Longy, from a request from Bob (another ASFM visitor) comment in the Roxy WC2 posting.

I hadn't heard this until Longy sent it, so I've only had a chance play it a couple of times, you can hear the Damned influence on both tracks, and for me the b-side is the best track. It's amazing to think Captain s
Sensible went from this to 'Happy Talk' and 'Wot'. But I guess he was right, getting a No 1# Hit from Happy talk wasn't a bad move

So try it out and leave a comment and tell us what you think of the Captain's debut single.

Band: Captain Sensible
Label: Crass
Year: 1979
1. (What D'ya Give) The Man Whose Gotten Everything
2. The Russians Are Coming

Ripped from (Longy's) Glorious Scratched Vinyl:

If you like this, then you can get more Captain Sensible stuff here which only includes the a-side of this posting plus the other singles and more:
The Collection
The Collection


Nazz Nomad said...

very cool- i am a huge damned fan and i wasn't even aware of this!

garychching said...

Same here Nazz, I knew the record insisted but didn't knew what it sounded like.

Great surprise

eric said...

Thanks for posting this 45, I don't think I had ever heard it.
I was playing The Universe of Geoffery Brown on Sunday, my wife told me it reminded her of ABBA!ahah


garychching said...

Hi Eric thanks for your comment.LOL my wife is always saying that my old punk records sound like sometihng else that is usually not complimentary.

Don't think I have ever heard of the Universe of Geoffery Brown before, do they sound like ABBA?

All the best Gary

Anonymous said...

many thanks for the B-side I didn't know . wonderful stuff which I had been expecting for ages !

I'm also looking for his second single B-side called "it/I don't like it (demo)
could anyone help ?

By the way I'm listening for the first time at THE DEAD MEN WALKING (myspace blog)
well it's worth it !

you should try it


garychching said...

Hi Herve thanks for that I will try it out

Combom said...

fankee, another classic!

garychching said...

No problem combom, enjoy