Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Nero 12" - Theatre Of Hate

Posted by request for Longy, inspired by 'Nuzz Prowling Wolfs earlier posting of 'The Hop'

The excellent 'Theatre of Hates' 3rd single, this one on 12" not sure if there was a 7" release.
It reached number 2 in the UK indie chart but was always too heavy for the general radio listeners. It took the more commercial (but still brilliant) 'Do You Believe in the Westworld' to break into the national charts.

When I ripped this it nearly blew the meter of the scale with a wall of noise. Brandon's distinctive vocals blast over the noise making this a classic in my opinion, but then I have always been a fan of Kirk Brandon and all the various bands he has created. The 12" version of 'Nero is a might' 7.30 minutes long. The b-side Incinerator at 4.23 minutes gives you a fair amount of Theatre of Hate for your money.

Etchings on both sides, on the a-side "A Personal Invitation...." and on the b-side ".... To The Ides of March". From Kirk Brandon, who knows?

By the way I didn't bother scanning the back cover as its just black.

Band: Theatre Of Hate
Label: Burning Rome
Year: 1981
1. Nero
2. Incinerator

Ripped from glorious scratched vinyl:

If you like this start with this, it has all of their singles as the Pack and Theatre of Hate,
The Complete Singles Collection
The Complete Singles Collection

and then go and buy their classic debut album


Anonymous said...

Gary - your a star! My favourite TOH song ever. I'm sticking you in the will after this mate!


Anonymous said...

wow big ups for this mate. great blog

garychching said...

No problem Longy, its a classic and required posting.

All the best, Gary

garychching said...

Hi Ufologist (love that picture of the Germans with monster - where did it come from?) thanks for the comment and welcome to ASFM.

All the best, Gary

jenX said...

Another one for me to snatch :) Loved Theatre Of Hate. Thanks a lot.