Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Venigmas - Strangelove

Another donation from Bruce Rhodes. This is Venigmas second single, and I agree with Bruce the b-side 'Soul On Fire' is the better track. The a-side 'Strangelove is little too poppy (Bruce compared it with the Haircut 100 sound - I know don't go there). Venigmas are definitely more of the new wave/power pop sound.

I Don't know anything about Venigmas other than that they are Scottish.

Does anyone else know anything?

Where does that name come from? What does it mean?

Hopefully someone out there will be in the know (maybe Steve from 45 Revs - I'm gonna have to buy that book - visit the 45 Revs site (see link in side bar) to see the bible of punk, new wave, etc singles).

Band: Venigmas
Label: Biba Music
Year: 1979? (we are guessing on the year)
1. Strangelove
2. Soul on Fire

Ripped from glorious scratched vinyl:

Not sure if they are the same band, but there are two Venigmas tracks on itunes, 'Turn the Light Out' and 'Revenge'


James D said...

The Venigmas were from Glasgow. The two tracks on itunes are the first 7" on Graduate Records (1979). "Strange Love" was released 01/82, though don't quote me.

Owen Paul from the band released some solo records, including at least one huge hit. All pretty lame!

"Turn The Lights Out" came with two inserts, a lyric sheet and a paper plane. Somehow I've managed to avoid folding my paper plane to test flight it, though I've been tempted to frisbee "Strange Love"!

jamfan said...

hi gaz just to say what a great blog this is really look forward to it everyday i was just wondering if youve got the bodies machinery/ art nouveau single from 79 and the ignerents radio interference / wrong place wrong time single also 79 been after hearing these for years please could you help cheers jamfan

James D said...

Forgot to mention before that the name Venigmas apparently means 5 enigmas (the 'V' being a roman numeral).

45 Revolutions said...

Wait there, Owen Paul's "My Favourite Waste Of Time" is really good! It's a pretty fine top single in its own right but it's an especially excellent song - anyone could do a decent cover version. James, Gary and me could fart harmonies into a bucket and as long as we'd stick to the song it'd come out more than listenable. "Cos you're MIII-III-III-III-III-INE..."! Great!

Bruce said...

The b-side of their first 45 states that the track,"Red Revenge", is an album track?

Does anybody know if this may have appeared on a Graduate comp LP, as I'm pretty certain that there are only the 2 45's?

Would definately like to know if there's anything else lying around.

John Liedown said...

Much to my shame i've only just found this blog. Fantastic stuff! Thank you.

James D said...

I think the 'single' and 'album track' references was the Venigmas alternative to an A and B side. "Red Revenge" being the more adventurous track, hence 'the album track' and "Turn The Lights Out" being more radio friendly.

There's a Venigmas track on the "Moon Toons One" 12" comp from '81. Never heard it though.

garychching said...

I knew James or Steve would have all the answers to the questions. Thanks both of you for filling the gaps.


garychching said...

Hi Jamfan, thanks for the comment, much appreciated. I'm afraid I don't have either of those tracks, but am interested in hearing anything new (hence: always searching for music). I was thinking of doing another request posting, so when I do I will include these two for you.


garychching said...

To John Liedown, Hey John it's never too late to join the party. Welcome to ASFM.

By the way I just visited your blog and heard UK Decay - Disco Romance. Never heard it before but loved it. I will have a proper look tomorrow.

All the best, Gary

jamfan said...

hi gaz thank you for including them on your next request cheers jamfan

Miketw10 said...

Hi guys...

Just came across your blog, and I have to admit... I was one of the Venigmas.

I'll try to answer all of the outstanding questions above. Strangelove/Souls on Fire was recorded late 81 and released early 82. There was another member on the track, but between recording and release, Frank O'Hare (H2O) left the band.

The song on MoonToons was Bridgetown, about a district of Glasgow "Bridgeton" and is about sectarian tensions in that area in particular. It ws a compilation album of acts who appeared regularly at the Half Moon in Herne Hill.

Owen Paul (McGee) was indeed the Owen Paul of MFWOT fame. He is the brother of Simple Minds original drummer Brian McGee. Indeed, the song Strangelove is about the relationship between the two, and was written at the time he was agonising about leaving the Simple Minds because they weren't commercial enough. How ironic that was to prove a year later.

Souls On Fire was conceived by Frank.

Turn The Lights Out/Red Revenge was before I joined the band, so I can't tell you much about it other than RR was something to do with the Russians. That was released in 79. "Single" and "Album Track" was just wishful thinking at the time

The name Venigmas comes from a mixture of two words Vain & Enigma, basically because we thought we were vain and enigmatic. Hence the repetion of Greta Garbo on our logo, and our motto was "Forever Crowding Mirrors" and also the aquisition of the name Biba for our own record label. All very pretentious, of course, in-keeping with the early 80s ethos.

The other Venigma mentioned on the single, Martin did various other stuff including a spell with the Silencers.

I believe that Owen and I are the only two who still talk to each other. We are still near neighbours down in London, and still do various projects with each other.

garychching said...

Hi Mike, thank you for filling all the gaps and being so honest (i love the vain and pretentious bit), its really good to get the real stories. Much appreciated. I hope you enjoy the blog.

All the best Gary

Longy said...

Alright Gary. Didn't know about these but I just got the other one from over Deadbeats Blog. Good stuf mate.

garychching said...

Hi Longy, cheers mate glad you finally found them.