Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Joy Division - Transmission

Hi everyone back again, I managed to get a couple of postings in that I had prepared before I left, but didn't have the chance to answer any comments, so I will hopefully get back up to date today.

On the journey home I saw the film 'Control' the story of Ian Curtis and Joy Division. For me the film was OK. Sam Riley as Ian Curtis was outstanding and as I was lucky enough to see Joy Division it was like watching Curtis on stage again. Listening to the soundtrack I had forgotten how brilliant Joy Division were and was inspired to make this posting of their second single, Transmission.

This track was not on their classic debut album 'Unknown Pleasure' and you would have had to buy the 'Substance 1977-1980 album' to get this. The b-side 'Novelty' was harder to track down as the only release I was aware of was on an album by Joy Divisions previous name 'Warsaw' (and even this is a different version) but now you can get both of them on the remastered version of 'Unknown Pleasures' (see link below)

A little etching trivia on both sides, on the a-side "and how I'll never know" and on the b-side "Just why or understand".

So if you haven't heard this before (you must have done, but just in case), then you are in for a treat. My personal Joy Division favourite is 'She's Lost Control', leave a comment and tell ASFM which is yours.

Band: Joy Division
Label: Factory
Year: 1979
1. Transmission
2. Novelty

Ripped from glorious scratched vinyl:

If you like this, then you must buy this:
Unknown Pleasures: Remastered & Expanded
Unknown Pleasures: Remastered & Expanded

and if you want an early taste of where Joy Division came from then buy this (a little raw but I still recommend it).


Eden 263 said...

Hi ASFM, not ripping this 'cos I have it anyway, but just wanted to say ace blog, some top stuff on here, ska, new wave, industrial, you name it you've nailed it. (The Plague's In Love, I mean, what a gem is that?).
Fave JD choon? Either Shadowplay or Atmosphere. One of the world's best bands ever.

garychching said...

Hi Eden thanks for your comment it is much appreciated.

I'm with you on how brilliant JD are, and its difficult to choose, Shadowplay and Atmosphere are also top tracks.

Anonymous said...

hi, my favorite song is new dawn fades, amazing band, a pitty he ended in tragedy.one of the best band ever, voice, music ,atmosphere...

garychching said...

Hi Bruno, yep its a shame that no one will ever know what else they might of produced.

Bodhi Amol said...

Hey,you say your favourite JD tune is "She's Lost Control" ,but still you don't recognize that the etchings in the Transmission/Novelty Single are taken from the very lyrics of that favorite song!? That i find astonishing....

garychching said...

Hi Bodhi Amoi if you knew me you would understand. My kids always take the piss because I never know the lyrics to the songs I sing along to. Thanks any way for clearing up the etching, it does feel a bit of a Do'h! moment.

Lee Thacker said...

Hi there,

Great site!

I thought you might be interested in my current project.

I'm putting together a book based around the Festive Fifty number ones and the All Time Festive Fifty from 2000, fully illustrated and including some autobiographical observations linked to the tracks.

I've got David Gedge writing the introduction and have have had confirmed contributions (some quotes on their thoughts on being voted into the chart and on Peel himself) from Pixies, Jello Biafra, Neko Case, Credit To The Nation, Cuban Boys and The Only Ones so far.

Let me know what you think. I'm a bit rubbish at this 'blog' thing but maybe you could add my blog to your site?

All the best,


garychching said...

Hi Lee, thanks for the comment and compliment. Your blog is also added.

All the best

The Disappeared said...

I only need to hear that bassline introduction and I know that my day will be better in 3 minutes time.

Thirty years after it was written, "Transmission" is looking like a classic song in every sense.

garychching said...

Hi Disappeared, its such a classic, after all these years its still on my playlist, and I can't see it going.