Tuesday, 5 August 2014

The Roxy London WC2: Jan- Apr 1977

One of the great punk classic live albums of all time. The recording is raw and very real, you can hear everyone standing around chatting, and banter between the audience and the bands. You could easily mistake this for a bootleg. For the first time on ASFM we have Eater and X-Ray Spex with the classic 'Oh Bondage Up Yours', but for me the its toss up between Wire and Johnny Moped, and even though I'm a massive Johnny Moped fan, 'Lowdown' by Wire just about wins. I love the way the song just stops, goes quiet and then "Thats the lowdown", Brilliant. Then followed by the classic '12XU', what more could you want.

So come on then, whats your favourite track? Leave a comment and let everyone know.

Ripped from a not so glorious hissing tape:

Bands: Various
Label: Harvest
Year: 1977
1. Runaway - Slaughter and the Dogs
2. Boston Babies - Slaughter and the Dogs
3. Freedom - Unwanted
4. Lowdown - Wire
5. 12XU - Wire
6. Bored Teenagers - The Adverts
7. Hard Lovin Man - Johnny Moped
8. Don't Need It - Eater
9. 15 - Eater
10. Oh Bondage Up Your - X-Ray Spex
11. Breakdown - The Buzzcocks
12. Love Battery - The Buzzcocks

If you like this album, then here is a few more you need to go out and buy:

This Wire album has the full sets for two nights, with a couple of unreleased tracks, a must for any Wire fans.
Live at the Roxy London: April 1st & 2nd 1977
Live at the Roxy London: April 1st & 2nd 1977

For X-ray Spex a few more tracks (8) at the Roxy
Live at the Roxy Club
Live at the Roxy Club

If you like Eater this has nearly got everything that you will need
The Compleat Eater
The Compleat Eater

For all of the other bands check earlier ASFM postings for recommendations


Anonymous said...

I love this album.....I usually dislike live LP's but all the groups featured here are all on top of their game.
I have a soft spot for the Unwanted track myself & the banter beforehand...."We need a singer" & then "Freedom.....1 2 3 4"
Thanks,Great !!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the Unwanted track is a good one.
I bought this album when it came out when I was fifteen. Used to love all the conversations between the songs. I can probably still recite some of them.

Anonymous said...

I just discovered your blog and it's fantastic
Makes me hope I'll find one day
(Bside seems impossible to find!)

thankS for all


garychching said...

Thanks for all the comments. The farewell to the roxy is also another excellent live album if you haven't heard it.

Hi Bob, the Captain sensible debut is another single I have been looking for years.

So if anyone has it out there, then send me and Bob a copy.

I might do another request sometime soon, perhaps we should ask for this.

All the best, Gary

Anonymous said...

If you mean the Captain Sensible single on the Crass label "This Is Your Captain speaking" then I have it.

I'll send it to you tomorrow Gary and you can pass it on to Bob


Patricio said...

thanks garychching! i was looking for this album for years...all the links i've found (from gigasize and rapidshare) were expired...i got this on tape too, hope your copy is better than mine (i'm still dl it)...my fave tracks, "oh bondage up your", eater, buzzcocks...

garychching said...

Hi Patricio, thanks for the comment, I tihnk your find its an OK rip.