Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Mink Deville- Spanish Stroll

Mink Deville was another one who appeared in the new wave era. The a-side Spanish Stroll is an example of a perfect pop song that is cool. This was a top 20 it in the UK for Willy Deville and so it deserved to be.

Mink Deville used to play at CBGB's in the Us and was lumped in the Television, Ramones, etc. camp although if you listen to this you will see he is nothing like them.

If you haven't heard this before then leave a comment and tell us what you think.

Band: Mink Deville
Label: Capitol
Year: 1977
1. Spanish stroll
2. Gunslinger

Ripped from glorious scratched vinyl:

If you like this then go and get this, all the singles including this one plus the b-sides and more for a £5, bargain:
Cadillac Walk: the Mink Deville Collection
Cadillac Walk: the Mink Deville Collection


Anonymous said...

A great single.

Thanks for such a fantastic blog Gary. I have often wondered what happened to all my old punk 7’ singles. Now I know…..You’ve got them!!
Hearing some of these songs again has bought a tear to an old mans eye I can tell you.

The vinyl rips sound so much better and authentic than listening to them on some punk/new wave compilation.

Good to read amongst the comments that I was not alone and quite a few others had a lot of these singles minus the pic sleeves. Wonder what happened?

Anyway, as I said, great stuff Gary. And much appreciated.

garychching said...

hey anon thanks for the comment, they really are appreciated, I enjoy digging out all these records and playing them again myself.