Tuesday, 5 August 2014

The Bernie Torme Band - I'm Not Ready

Most of you will know 'The Bernie Torme Band' from their two tracks (Streetfighter and Living For Kicks) on the classic 'Live At The Vortex' album, but I wouldn't be surprised if your not aware of their debut single 'I'm Not Ready'.

Classic punk surprisingly released on Jet Records the same stable as bands such as ELO (looks like another label that thought it would ride on the wave of punk). This most probably didn't help Bernie Torme to get known with Jet Records unlikely to push them or even to know how to, the story is that Jet paid each of them £40 a week for eighteen months and did little else.

Frustrated by their lack of success Bernie Torme and moved to Heavy Metal accepting an invitation to join Ian Gillans band.

So have a listen and what do you think? Should Bernie Torme have stuck with punk? Should they have been more successful? Leave a comment and tell ASFM what you think.

Band: The Bernie Torme Band
Label: Jet
Year: 1978
1. I'm Not Ready
2. She's So Free

Ripped from glorious scratched vinyl

If you like this then your in luck you can still buy the classic 'Live at the Vortex' album here:
Live at the Vortex
and you can buy the a-side of this single plus lots more with a compilation of Bernie Torme punk stuff:
Punk or What


Yvo said...

Excellent record!!!
cheers mate!!!

Longy said...

Very good Gary...sort of Slaughter & the Dogs 1980ish which is good to my ears. Nice one mate.

Armitage said...

A fantastic guitarist, who's still recording to this day and has never forgotten his "punk" roots.
Thanks for this!

Alex said...

Fantastic I hope I still have this single and my psycho ex didnt burn it with a lot of my records and negs. Still have all the vinyl lps though, first thing i removed. Loved all his work, and yes he was one of the best guitar players I have seen

garychching said...

Yvo thanks for your comment and nice blog I will add a link today

Cheers Longy, I knew you would like this one

cheers Armitage didn't know about the new band.

Hi Alex if you have lost it, I know somewhere you can still get a copy, pretty cheap as well.

Anonymous said...

Weekend EP is also very good (CD has different versions)
Thanks for that rip


garychching said...

Hi Jackrudie thanks for the comment. Haven't heard that one, I will check it out.

Anonymous said...

It's by buy?