Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Spear Of Destiny - Prisoner Of Love

Spear of Destiny's third single, everyone knows this one, but do you all know the brilliant b-side 'Rosie' and on this limited edition gate fold edition there's also two excellent live tracks one of my favourites 'Rainmaker' and 'Never Take Me Away'.

Prisoner of Love is an excellent single but I've always loved 'Rosie' and when you hear it you will immediately understand why. The live in Poland GDANSK tracks are equally good and it sounds like Kirk Brandon is using language for his own amusement (check out track 4).

So check out these tracks, do you agree 'Rosie' is a classic? or have I got it wrong?

Band: Spear Of Destiny
Year: 1984
1: Prisoner of love
2: Rosie
3: Rainmaker (Live In GDANSK)
4: Don't Turn Away (Live In GDANSK)

Ripped from glorious scratched vinyl

If you like this then buy their excellent second album which this reissued version has all of these tracks and lots more (one of my all time favourite albums):
One Eyed Jacks


Longy said...

lol sorry Gary,didn't realise you had posted SOD as well. Cheers for this one - I haven't got this single so much appreciated mate.

Yes come on Inter. You can't win everything mate. Its greed!

Longy said...

I see luck was on your side again mate! Jammy sods. Awesome live version of Don't Turn Me Away on this one. Ace stuff!

garychching said...

Hi Longy. yep the live versions are both awesome. Not so lucky with Liverpool