Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Sore Throat - Kam-I-Kaz-E Kid

Sore Throat's third single and most probably the (very good) first attempt at getting national airplay. A real catchy song, even if the lyrics and cover are a little morbid. It's about a 23 year old girl who jumped from the observation deck of the Empire State building and lands on a sedan (cover picture) on West 33rd Street.

Sore Throat were always a very musically accomplished band (check out their first two singles here and here - or use the label in the side bar) and good fun to go and see.

I always had a soft spot for them and rate all of their songs. 'Kam-I-Kaz-E Kid' is the stand out track for me, although Crack Down is a bit poppy but grows on you.

The lyrics are on the back so as usual a high resolution scan included to let you sing along, I also found a full page advert for this single in an old copy of 'Sounds', another high resolution scan included. There was a press release with this but I can't find my copy, does anyone still have one?

Band: Sore Throat
Label: Hurricane Records
Year: 1979
1. Kam-I-Kaz-E Kid
2. Crack Down

Ripped from very scratched vinyl

If you like this they did release an album 'Sooner Than You Think', but your going to have to try and track that down as none of their material appears to be on general availability.

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