Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Yeah Yeah Noh - Fun On The Lawn, Lawn, Lawn

I've already posted the Yeah Yeah Noh's debut single 'Prick Up Your Ears' here, and if you liked it you will love this collection of John Peel sessions. Released on vinyl in 1986 it collects all three Peel sessions from 1984 (28/07), 1985 (09/04) and 1986 (19/01).

They definitely had something about Lawns as their debut album which is sadly no longer available (and was available at the original Twilight Zone - if you ask RYP nicely I'm sure he would do a re-up) was called 'Cutting the Heavenly Lawn of Greatness ... Last Rites for the God of Love'.

All their best tracks are here, the final track is not listed on the back cover, so I named it the 'Mystery Track', also a high resolution scan of the back cover is included to allow you to read the sleeve notes. At the end of the last track on side one is 'Jigsaw' if you let the track run till the end you will hear some garbled language, if you play it backwards it says "Of the dawn wind", anyone know what that's about? They were always a little 'off the wall' so most probably nothing.

Band: Yeah Yeah Noh
Label: Red Rhino
Year: 1986
1. Super Imposed Man
2. Beware The Weakling Line
3. (It's) Easier To Suck Than Sing
4. Cottage Industry
5. Another Side Of Mrs Quill
6. Crimplene Seed Lifestyle
7. Temple Of Convenience
8. Jigsaw
9. Blood Soup
10. Prick Up Your Ears
11. Starling Pillow Case
12. See Through Nature
13. Stealing In The Name Of The Lord
14. Mystery Track

Ripped from glorious scratched vinyl
If you like this then your in luck as you can still get a best of album here:
Leicester Square: the Best of Yeah Yeah Noh

and an album collecting all sides of their three singles at the excellent Phoenix Hairpins here.


Longy said...

Thanks Gary,I shall have a blast of this one. Nice one mate.

garychching said...

Cheers Longy, lol glad someone liked it.

Curious Guy said...

Thank you! The only YYN record that I don't have/never heard before. Has some cool alternate versions.

Anonymous said...

I think the Peel versions on here are far better than on Cutting the Heavenly Lawn..... Many many thanks for posting - you've a 40something indie fan a very happy man.

Anonymous said...

the mystery track is called Zoological Gardens

garychching said...

hi Curious Guy thanks for the comment, glad you like it, its my fave album of theirs, I also have a live gig (only 4 or 5 tracks) to come but still very good.

garychching said...

Hi Anon (40 something indi fan) that sounds like a good description of me.
I agree with you, these sessions are the best stuff they recorded.

and if this the same anon thanks for the update on the mystery track title.

roestigraben said...

Looking forward to the live tracks.

Anonymous said...

Thanks alot for this one. This one was also the only one missing. Thanks alot again!!!


garychching said...

Hi roestigraben, they should be up over the weekend

garychching said...

Hi Eliabeth thanks for taking the time to comment, glad you enjoyed.

dandaniels said...

love this band and have been after a copy of this for a loooong time. I grew up in Leicestershire but I was a bit young for gigging in 1984. Got into 'em through late night John Peel :)

garychching said...

Hi Dandaniels, thanks for the comment and I'm glad to help you to get hold of this gem.

UKPunk said...

Thanks for posting this stuff Gary. I'm 46 now and it's absolutely marvellous to hear them again after all these years.

garychching said...

Hi UKpunk, glad to help, you've got a couple of years on me.