Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Nina Hagen Band - TV-Glotzer (White Punks On Dope)

This post came following a Tubes Posting over at Longy's excellent Punk Friction here, and a comment from The Wolfmen (new band formed by Marco Pirroni and Chris Constantinou and worth checking out here on their blog Bocca Di Lupo here) who said it was surprising that apart from 'The Motley Crue' no one had ever covered 'The Tubes' classic 'White Punks On Dope. I replied that Nina Hagen Band had and so here it is. The thing that I didn't mention is that its sung in German, so technically I guess the Wolfmen are right'.

If you liked the Tubes version you will most probably still like this version, it covers the original faithfully (apart from being sung in German), the b-side 'Naturträne' is a real strange one, a mixture of opera and rock, I'm still not sure about it, but try them out and leave a comment, does it work for you in German or are you sticking with Tubes classic version?

Band: Nina Hagen Band
Label: CBS
Year: 1978 Promo Copy (officially released 1979)
1. TV-Glotzer (White Punks On Dope)
2. Naturträne

Ripped from glorious scratched vinyl

If you like this then you can get both sides plus lots more (in high quality) here:
Nina Hagen Band


Longy said...

Its good Gary. Better than I expected to be honest and I don't mind the German lingo. The B side reminds me of Kate Bush's Wuthering Heights but I don't know why. Good stuff mate.

fred said...

If you gotta cover a Tubes song, than the obvious choice is "I Was a Punk, Before You Were a Punk", which is based on the great Sid Vicious tune "Belsen Was A Gas", which he wrote for his early band the "Flowers of Romance" (the rest of whom became the Slits, I think!) Too bad Sid's solo career never took off, he had star power. Check out the Tube's Fee Waybill in the film Ladies and Gentlemen... The Fabulous Stains!

Anonymous said...

By the way, the correct spelling of the b-side is "Naturträne", which means "nature's teardrop". Thanks for all the good things! Michael

John Liedown said...

funnily enough I was gonna post this! Here's the cover scans of picture sleeve.

The Wolfmen said...

Gary thanks for the linky and the track...better than expected actually.

Will be adding you to the Bloggers Di Lupo list today..

garychching said...

Thanks everyone, I thought you would like it,

Cheers Longy, I agree the b-side is a little Kate Bush.

Special thanks to John for donating the covers (John go ahead and post again, you might have better rips my b-side is partculalry bad)

Fred I never knew I was a punk was based on sids songs, you learn something everyday.

Michael thanks for spelling correction annd the translation.

Wolfmen thanks for the add.

icastico said...

I had both of these back in the day.
Nina Hagen is great.
Nunsexmonkrock is her best, of course.

garychching said...

Hi icastico, thanks for the comment.

Not sure what my fave track is.

Anonymous said...

I have to say that someone else has covered White Punks On Dope, coz i have it, unfortunately i dont have a listing of the band as it was given to me on a compilation Cd with just the titles of the tracks and in the middle brakdown the singer utters the words "Excuse me officer queenbrooke im a little high" before singing White Punks on Dope. Its a great cover but i wish i knew who it was by

Anonymous said...

As an addendum to the above - didnt motley Crue cover the song too

garychching said...

Hi anons, yes Motley Crue did cover it (mentioned in the post), so a WAG (wild ass guess) would suggest your compilation tape is them

Anonymous said...

Its not the motley crue version coz i heard that last night, the comp version i got is more punky and a damn site better too. thanks anyway

garychching said...

mmmm sounds intresting, any chance of ripping a copy and sharing it?

Anonymous said...

Yes mate, got an e-mail address or somewhere i can send it to

Anonymous said...

No worries about e-mail. found it will send now

Anonymous said...

Did you get the track?????

garychching said...

Hi Russ apologies for the slow reply, been v busy.

Thanks for this I really like it, do you still not know who it is?

If not I could post it and see if anyone can guess.

What do you think?,


Anonymous said...

No mate, still not got a clue who it is. But as you can prob hear it aint Motley Crue. Yeah go a head post it, i would like to know who it is.

garychching said...

hey Russ, found it, your version is P.O.L. from the album Parade Of Losers.

Anonymous said...

Cheers Gary, its nice to know what it is., it was just about the only track i got that i hadnt a clue what it was, i do now, cheers.