Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Tanz Der Youth - John Peel Session 02/08/1978

I've had a number of requests for this excellent John Peel session. I can't remember who posted this originally, and if they remind me, then I will happily give them the due credit. The cover has the wrong date, but hey I'm sure we can live with that.

As you all know Tanz Der Youth were formed by Brian James following his departure from the Damned. Four excellent tracks including versions of the a and b side of his debut single "I'm Sorry, I'm Sorry" and "Delay" respectively which you can still get here.

Band: Tanz Der Youth
Year: 1978
Album: John Peel Sessions 02/08/78
1. Mistaken
2. I'm Sorry, I'm Sorry
3. Why I Die
4. Delay

Ripped from someones glorious FM hissing radio

If you like this then there is still some excellent Brian James material available:
The Brian James Gang
New Rose 2006 Ep


roberto said...

nice post,great underrated band,it's a shame no one releases ex Damned 78's sessions,this,the wonderful King and the White Cats...

garychching said...

Hi Roberto, thanks for your comment, I will post some King stuff soon. Don't have anything of the White Cats though.

Longy said...

I thought it was you that posted it Gary! (but yea I'm wrong)

Heres the White Cats roberto


Thats about the maximum I can upload now : - (

robert pally said...


Do you have anything by the Turbo Hy Dramatics?



BTW: Thanks for Tanz Der Youth

Anonymous said...

There is a link to the
Models/White Cats/King/Crabs/ Drones Peel Sessions on the 'Rare Punk Music To Share' blog.
It's quite a way back, so you’ll need to do some work to find it I’m afraid, but the links still live.



Anonymous said...

Thank you,
great songs!

Robert - Stockholm

gio said...

you're the best.. now it's unfoundable the very rare single by Brian james "why why why".. who has it??
great blog

roberto said...

nice to know of future King post and Longy,you're too kind,thanks you all!

Ron said...

Great Peel Post Thanks !!!

garychching said...

No Longy it wasn't me mate, soembody responsed to the orginal post and then sent a link to their own post, which clearly now the blog is long gone, so here it is back again. Thanks for the Whote Cats.

Robert, sorry I don't have anything by Turbo Hy Dramatics.

Kes thanks for the pointer, I did find it and added the link in the recent King post

Robert (from Stokholm) glad to help mate.

Gio - Still don't have Why Why Why, keeping an eye out for it though.

You got it Roberto

Ron, glad to help and thanks for taking the time to say thanks.