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Frank Black - Hate Me: Wetlands New York City 13th June 1994

Black, Frank - Hate Me (Wetlands New York City, 13th June 94)As you may have guessed in the earlier Pixies post, I am a massive fan of anything "Frank Black". Although I believe Frank was at his best with the Pixies, he has turned out an outstanding body of music, all with there own distinctive feel and style, everything from lullabies, to folk, to country and western to that classic rockin style that only he can create.

This quality live bootleg takes tracks from his first three albums "Frank Black", "Teenager Of The Year", "The Cult of Ray" and his self released Oddballs album, plus two from the excellent John Peel session with Teenage Fanclub. As usual not one bad track, if you don't immediately like this, then give it a few plays and I guarantee you will be going out buying his back catalogue.

I still remember buying his debut and same titled album "Frank Black" thinking it was going to be a continuation of the Pixies sound. Apart from the single "Los Angles" I was initially disappointed and put it on the shelf. A couple of weeks later I had nothing to play so I put it on and I couldn't believe it, a smile came to my face as I heard riffs and tunes I had missed the first time round. How many times has that happened to you? What albums have you initially purchased and been disappointed with, only for it to end up on your all time best play list? Leave a comment and let us know.

Just in case some people get confused the cover of this CD got some of the titles wrong, I have corrected them in this post and on the rip.

Artist: Frank Black
Album: Hate Me: Wetlands New York City
Year: June 13th 1994
1. Sir Rockaby
2. Two Spaces
3. Hate Me
4. (I Want To Live In An) Abstract Plain
5. At The End Of The World
6. Calistan
7. Headache
8. Freedom Rock
9. Space Is Gonna Do Me Good
10. Big Red
11. Suparabounf
12. Oddball
13. Pure Denizen Of the Citizen Band
14. White Noise Maker
15. Speedy Marie
16. Men In Black
17. Adda Lee
18. Parry the Wind High, Low
19. Ten Percenter
20. The Man Who Was Too Loud
21. Handy Man
22. Los Angles
23. Ole Mullholland
24. Czar

Ripped from not so glorious CD

If you like then try out these albums where all of these tracks were taken from:

The first and brilliant debut album:
Frank Black
The excellent second album:
Teenager of the Year
The classic third:

The Cult of Ray

His fifth album, not one of his best, but I love it and as some of the tracks are on this bootleg it had to be included. "Oddballs" (no picture or linlk) now OOP but you can still get it at eMusic

and the not to be missed John Peel Session with Teeage Fanclub:
The John Peel Session

There's lots more but these are good ones to get started with.


Anonymous said...

hmmm, can't find your link for this. By the way in my opinion the debut album was an instant favourite [perhaps the Beach Boys' Ego started getting a bit annoying after a year or two, but the b-sides of the singles made up for that] and the following albums and tours made me think that ol' Frank was piling up the pounds in the creative department and a Pixies reunion was the only way out. A live album would have been a fitting footnote but the guy kept on being more than impressive live solo, even in the smallest "unplugged" settings I've had the fortune to be witness to. Defenitely a great songwriter and performer. I look forward to hearing the stuff on your rip but....where is it?
Love from London
check my blog @ http://tarantxon.blogspot.com/ and return link please!!!

roberto said...

man,your blog is always one of the best,you have"gusto"and Mr.Black is really one of the best songwriters ever...many many thanks,Roberto

Longy said...

Great post Gary. I like most of Frank' solo stuff especially Teenager Of The Year which I think is as good as any Pixie album. Cheers mate.

Longy said...

Can't seem to download part 1 for some reason though. Might just be me and these wanky new windows settings.

garychching said...

Thanks Roberto your comment is much appreciated,

CHeeers Longy, I just tried part 1 and it worked, mediafire was flakely yesterday.

Give it another whirl, if not I can always send it to you.

Longy said...

Cheers Gary. Came here especially to try again and seems to be working now. I might miss my 10.43 train in the proces but hey,who cares when theres some decent Frank Black about eh :-)

Diablo said...

I did the same with 'Teenager' and picked it up again later and couldn't take it off the stereo.Since then I've felt like a loner in my love for Frank Black Francis and now have everything.One of the most under-rated musicians today.If only people could move past the Pixies, great as they were.

garychching said...

To Private somwwhere - I've deleted your comment as I have no idea who you are and what the content of the download is.

I checked your blog which is also as vague,

If you have something that intresting please provide more information.

Anonymous said...

Ref above comment.I was dumb enough to download the content. seems to be an mp3 e.p. by a French(?) band called Eveden.Believe there is a link to Twilight Zone! blog.Checked out OK on good virus checker, but haven't played the music...(it might be merde!)

the flo said...

Hi Gary,

I'm always very pleased about all that good stuff you're posting. I love everything Frank black and so I was excited to listen to the "Hate Me"-stuff, but somehow I can't extract Part 1 - I always get a script error message... it downloads just fine (I did try several times) but it just won't extract :-( what a pity, I'd have loved to listen to Part 1, too ;-)

Keep posting all that good stuff.

Cheers, Flo.

the flo said...

Hi Gary,

it worked just fine with the two smaller parts and now I'm busy listening to Mr. Francis Black :-) Thanx a lot, mate!!!

garychching said...

Hi Flo, no problem, glad to help, I hope you like it. more Frank Black stuff to come.