Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Readymades - Terry Is A Space Cadet 7"

Would you believe it! another gem from Bruce Rhodes, and I know he's been searching for this one for sometime now. Now he's finally got a copy you can see why.

The "Readymades" from San Fransisco, and we think this is their one and only single (Bruce has found reference to another 12" single, but he's not sure it's the same band, maybe some of our more learned visitors will know), which considering how brilliant it's a shames they didn't release anything else. They do have a new album out now, see bottom of post for more info.

Released in 1977 on the Automatic label it contains three tracks, first up is the a-side "Terry Is A Space Cadet", and using Bruce's own words (which I have to agree with) "I love its slightly fragile Velvet Underground feel". The b-side has two tracks, and there both excellent, your going to love the quirky "Supergirl" and the ridiculously catchy "Electric Toys".

So if anyone knows anymore about the Readymades then leave a comment, and don't forgot to leave thanks to Bruce for sharing this one.

Band: Readymades
Year: 1977
Label: Automatic
1. Terry Is A Space Cadet
2. Supergirl
3. Electric Toys

Ripped from Bruce's glorious scratched vinyl

If you like this then they do have a new album out, which you can find in the right hand sidebar here. I did try to take a look and see what's on this album but couldn't get anymore info. The link is worth following for some other interesting old Punk and new wave albums on a new label called Rave-Up Records.

You can also hear a few more Readymades gems here at their myspace site.


GraemeSTL said...

He can't have been looking too hard then. It's been on Deadbeats and No-Ones blog since March! I know they had a track on the '415 Music' compilation back in the day too.

garychching said...

Hi GraemeSTL, looks like I'm at fault here as well, I left a comment on Deadbeats and No-Ones on their post, but clearly forgot. Apologies Sarah.

garychching said...

I forgot to add, when I said Bruce has been looking for this, I didn't mean an MP3 copy, he had been looking for an original vinyl copy.

I was going to take this post down but as the Deadbeats and No-Ones link is dead and the Readymaades have a new album out with all the old stuff plus demo's I decided to leave it up.

bruce said...

Hi GraemeSTL,

As garychching mentioned above, I was after a copy of the 45. (I had them as MP3's thanx to gary).

I didn't know the single had been posted elsewhere. Is that a problem? If that's the case, I may as well stop sending stuff in to share. Not everybody goes searching every blog site looking for stuff, and I only do this to let folks have a listen to stuff they may not be that familiar with and hopefully get the chance to bring something new to their ears.

Sheesh!!! I'm sure if one looks hard enough you'll probably find almost anything you could ever want to hear on the net.

Does this mean I've got to check first to make sure that what I'm willing to share isn't already posted somewhere in the world!!

Well.... I'll leave that up to you guys to decide.

GraemeSTL said...

Bruce, no no, don't take it the wrong way mate, if it was the vinyl you were looking for then that explains it! People can and should post what they want regardless of where else they're posted, no problem at all there - didn't realise you had the mp3s, that's all. They have the great title track on the '415 Music' comp LP (the LP where the Mutants have a track - Baby's No Good) but I've only got dodgy mp3s of these 2 tracks - not the whole LP.

bruce said...

Hey GraemeSTL !!
Sorry mate, I may of slightly over-reacted a bit to your first comment.

I had initially been trying to find the Readymades single or MP3's but at the time I couldn't find anybody who had posted it.

I left a "wish list" with garychching who got back to me later with a zip file of the 45 and some odd's and sod's. So I stopped checking sites to download the tracks from. Obviously later on it had been posted on another blog site unknown to me as I no longer needed to search for them. So when I managed to pick up the 45 on Ebay (£8 inc.!!!!) I thought I'd pop it off to Gary to share.

As I mentioned in my first comment, chances are your likely to find stuff posted on one site also posted at some time or other on another. I mean, none of these records are exclusive to one site or person, so the chance of a double posting probably happens quite often.

Anyway... enough of this. Let's just enjoy the music, and don't forget, not everybody who visit's this blog may visit other blog's which may have the same 45 unless you place in a specific seach on Google for it.

BTW you made mention of the Mutants,if you go to "Days Of Our Youth" blogsite you can get their LP called "Fun Terminal" from 1982 which is pretty cool.

draftervoi said...

I know that I saw 'em play at least once, opening for someone...but where and who are lost. If I remember correctly, Readymade Jonathan Postal got a shout-out in the credits of Blondies first or second album.

garychching said...

Hi Draftervoi, luck you, I would of loved to have seen them. Thanks for the comment and extra info.