Monday, 4 August 2014

Strate Jacket Demo 2

As promised the second offering from Michael Jennings. Another great Strate Jacket demo recording.

Michael's own words again:

"I've no idea if the demo is the same as the other one mentioned elsewhere, and I've no idea where I got it from but I think that it was recorded after John and Nick had left the band. The sound quality improves after the first demo number."

I've checked and this is a different demo to the one that ASFM posted earlier and donated from Stuart Blackaller. First the track listing is different and secondly the quality is better.

So once again leave a comment and thank Michael for sharing this gem.

Band: Strate Jacket
Year: 1979-1980?
Album: Strate Jacket Demo 2
1. Too Soon Too Young
2. Talking About London
3. Cash in Boys
4. I'll Get Even One Day
5. City Life

Ripped from glorious hissing tapes (see comment for links)

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topper said...

thank you for another strate jacket

garychching said...

Hi Topper thanlks for the comment. It was all down to Michael.

topper said...

thanx Michael........