Monday, 4 August 2014

Jonathan Richman - Amsterdam 1978 - Request

I was planning this as my next post, only to find the tape is no longer playable.

So does anyone out there have a copy they can share?

My tape was a second generation tape copy (you can see my the poor photocopied cover) and to help identification the tape content included:

Amsterdam Paradiso Club 4/5/78 + VPRO Studio session
Set 1:
We're The Modern Lovers
Hi Dear
New Teller
Ice Cream Man
My Love Is A Flower
Back In The USA
Astral Plane
Route 66
We're The Modern Lovers
Pretty Little Girl
How Do You Do?
Set 2:
New England
Important In Your Life
Back In The USA
Abominable Snowman
Hey Little Insect
My Love Is A Flower
Martian Martians
Road R
Under The Stars
New England
My Love Is A Flower


Longy said...

Sorry mate,not me. Wouldn't mind hearing that myself. Hopefully some kind soul out there will oblige.

Anonymous said...

I definitely hope someone finds this.
I have just discovered this blog and it's amzing how my music tastes are similar to yours.
Keep up the good work !

garychching said...

Cbeers Longy, wel here you go, give it a try.

Hi anon thanks for the comment and the thanks, its always good to hear from someone with good taste :-)