Monday, 4 August 2014

Strate Jacket Rehearsals

I've been so busy lately I've had no time to post or even visit my fave blogs, so it's a fitting return to offer the next two classic posts.

You need to leave your thanks to Michael Jennings for sharing these long lost (over 30 years ago now) rehearsal and demo recordings from Strate Jacket.

First up is the rehearsal held in French Street, Southampton.

Using Michael's own words:

"The rehearsal occurred one afternoon and the band essentially went through their set twice. Terry O'brien vocal Gordon O'brien guitar Nick Petford Bass John Russell Drums Quite a few friends of the band were there one of whom I remember was called Scotty"

Michael was a roadie of sorts for Strate Jacket in their early years and he recorded this tape. The recording is just what you expect rough and raw and gloriously punk (Michael's words again), but you can still here how good they were and it's a shame some of these never made it to the studio. My personal favourite is Punk Bashin at 1:58 long and the excellent chorus:

"Punk bashing, I'm smashing, In the summer of love"

So leave a comment and thank Michael for sharing another part of the punk history jigsaw.

Band: Strate Jacket
Year: 1978-79?
Album: Strate Jacket Rehearsals
1. Stop press
2. City Life
3. Punk Bashin
4. I'll Get Even One Day
5. Talkin About London
6. Stop Press
7. Punk Bashin
8. I'll Get Even One Day
9. Cash in Boys
10. Out In The Street
11. Boredom City

Ripped from Michael's glorious hissing tape (see comment for links)

If you like this you still here their classic debut single here, and a great rough and ready demo here.
Some of these posts created great comments with many people sharing their memories. Also check out the comment from Michael Jennings and the link where the bass guitarist is now a Professor. Was he the first punk band member to become a Professor?


bristolboy said...

another great post - thank you

topper said...

very nice post...thanx

Longy said...

Thanks for posting these Gary and a big thanks to Michael Jennings too for making these available to us all.

Kes said...

Hey Gary, long time.

Wow, what did we start with this Strate Jacket thing? It's like a veritable punk rock pandora's box! Seriously, huge thanks to both Michael Jennings and yourself for this. I was wondering if there were any surviving live tapes of them around, this is as good as it will get I think. Excellent stuff.
I think it's fair to say that for 77/78 their sound was pretty authentic! Probably could have given a lot of the second division punk bands around at the time a run for their money had they got a bit of exposure/Peel session.

I'm off for a quick Pogo round the living room.


garychching said...

Many thanks for the comments from Bristol Boy, Topper and Longy.

Hi Kes, thought you might spot this one, ut was great to get this donated from Michael and I tihnk you're like the latest post as well.

All the best

paul hurst said...

Many thanks Michael & Gary, love this rehersal tape, sounds earlier than the other demo which is different. City Life,Stop Press,Punk Bashin, Talkin bout London, Cash in Boys all gems...Any live tapes out there ???

garychching said...

Thanks for the comment Paul.

Live tapes - You never know both of these were unexpected surprises